This Portable Frying Pan Could Make Your DIY Trips Even Easier

This Portable Frying Pan Could Make Your DIY Trips Even Easier

It already comes with a steamer, a wooden spoon, and other utensils.

With safety at everyone’s top priority, we could be seeing drastic adjustments among accommodations that offer communal kitchens. The burden then lies on guests of these places, which are often hostels or Airbnbs, to think of alternative ways to save on dining while away from home. In that regard, you’ll definitely benefit from bringing your own cookware, such as a portable frying pan that lets you cook anywhere with ease.

As the name suggests, these frying pans come in miniature sizes that make them ideal for do-it-yourself cooking while travelling. Not only are they a safer option for those making their own meals while staying in an accommodation, but the pans are also great for backpacking, biking, and camping trips as long as you have a battery-powered or similar mobile outlet. This is because the frying pans work on electricity, albeit very minimally.

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Why travellers are loving the portable frying pan

Each pan comes with a non-stick surface, so frying food from something as simple as eggs can be done without the need for oil. There are two things to take note of from here: It enables travellers to start a healthier lifestyle and, with the non-stick feature, it makes cleaning the pan totally hassle-free. It also allows heat to be distributed evenly so you can cook food faster while saving more electricity.

Electric Travel Pan Lazada

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On the issue of convenience, it’s especially handy when staying in places with fixed hours for meals. “I think it’s useful for mornings when I’m too tired to get up for hotel breakfast, since it can be quite early. I can whip up a simple breakfast to fuel me for the day,” one traveller said.

Not to mention, this piece of equipment only measures 31cm x 16cm x 6cm. That way, travellers won’t have to struggle finding a place for it in their luggage. A must when travelling light, this mini cooking pan’s light and easy-to-spot colour helps it stand out from the rest of your bag’s content for easy retrieval. “The design itself is very engaging. It really puts you in the mood to prepare something,” said another traveller.

More than eggs, the pan is good for toasting bread or sandwiches, making fried rice, as well as boiling vegetables and steaming buns. The reason is that it provides a set of steamers upon purchase. From just S$21, this electric travel pan from Lazada also includes a wooden spoon, a cover, a measuring cup, an egg separator, a sponge, and a travel converter. No wonder travellers admit being satisfied with the product and even recommend it.

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