Revealed: These are the World’s Most Popular Cities in 2018

Revealed: These are the World’s Most Popular Cities in 2018

It's official: From Bali, Indonesia to Antalya, Turkey, these are the world’s 20 most-visited cities this year.

Big city dreamin’: it certainly looks like the bright lights and skyscapes of cities have yet to lose its appeal. 

But just which cities across the globe remain firm favourites among globetrotters this year?

According to Mastercard’s annual Global Destination Cities IndexBangkok is still going strong as the world’s most visited city. Welcoming over 20 million tourists last year, the vibrant city is followed closely by London (19.8 million) and Paris (17.4 million). Other popular metropolises include Dubai, Singapore, and New York, which remain in an otherwise unchanged top 6 in the list.

Out with the Old, In with the New?

It’s worth mentioning that the list has welcomed its share of newcomers in the top 20. This year, destinations like Pattaya, Palma de Mallorca, Mecca, Phuket, and Antalya edged out cities like Prague, Vienna, Shanghai, Amsterdam and Rome from the previous year.

It’s also certainly clear that travel hotspots are incredibly dynamic. Global cities like Madrid, Los Angeles, Beijing and Frankfurt were once in the top 20 only in 2016 – but have now been eclipsed from the list. Even within countries, cities are slowly becoming rivals: Osaka to Tokyo, Phuket to Bangkok.

Curious to know if your favourite city made the list of the world’s most popular cities this 2018? Find out!

The World’s Most Visited Cities in 2018 

  1. Bangkok, 20.05 million

Bangkok cityscape

Image Credit: Flickr (Weerakarn Satitniramai)

  1. London, 19.83 million


Image Credit: Flickr

  1. Paris, 17.44 million


Image Credit: Flickr

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4. Dubai, 15.79 million

Joyful Dubai

Image Credit: Dubai

5. Singapore, 13.91 million


Image Credit: Singapore

6. New York, 13.13 million

New York

Image Credit: Flickr

7. Kuala Lumpur, 12.58 million

Twin Towers

Image Credit: Flickr

8. Tokyo, 11.93 million


Image Credit: Tokyo

9. Istanbul, 10.7 million

Blue Mosque, Istanbul

Image Credit: Flickr


10. Seoul, 9.54 million


Image Credit: Flickr

11. Antalya 9.42 million


Image Credit: Flickr


12. Phuket, 9.29 million

Thailand - Phuket

Image Credit: Phuket

13. Mecca, 9.18 million


Image Credit: Flickr

14. Hong Kong, 9.03 million

Hong Kong

Image Credit: Flickr

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15. Milan, 8.81 million

Milan Cathedral

Image Credit: Flickr

16. Palma de Mallorca, 8.78 million

Caló des Moro

Image Credit: Flickr

17. Barcelona, 8.69 million


Image Credit: Flickr

18. Pattaya, 8.67 million


Image Credit: Flickr

19. Osaka, 8.42 million

Shinsekai Area (新世界) in Osaka Japan

Image Credit: Flickr

20. Bali 8.3 million


Image Credit: Flickr

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