Ready, Get Set, Go! Lace Up For These 9 Fun Runs in Singapore This 2016

Ready, Get Set, Go! Lace Up For These 9 Fun Runs in Singapore This 2016

Are you ready to run and have fun?

Adults and children alike, brace yourself! There’s a whole line-up of Fun Runs coming to Singapore this year. From Snoopy to My Little Pony to One Piece to a Winter Run (Wow.. Winter in Singapore?!), there’s something to please everyone! Here’s a breakdown of some of the tremendously exciting fun runs hitting our shores.

January 2016: Looney Tunes Fun Run

singapore fun runs 2016Image credit: Looney Tunes Fun Run 2016

No plans for tomorrow? Why not be spontaneous and check out the Looney Tunes Fun Run, happening less than 24 hours away!

True to the Looney Tunes theme, go crazy with inflatable obstacles at the first kilometre checkpoint, and look out for hidden carrot-shaped paper – Bugs Bunny alert! Many more fun things await you at every kilometre mark, guaranteed to delight both adults and kids alike. Meet your favourite Looney Tunes characters at the Looney Tunes Village after the race, and boogie down with them with a bubble courtyard, children foam party and more!

Online registration is still open on their website, so head over to register now!

Time: 7.30am (first Flag off), 7.45am (second Flag off)
Where: Sentosa Interim Carpark
Price: SGD69 (Adult), SGD49 (Child)

February 2016: Safari Zoo run

Safari Zoo runImage credit: Safari Zoo Run

Back in 2016, the Safari Zoo Run promises anyone who participates an animal good time! The Safari Zoo Run will be held on two separate days with 2 and 3 categories respectively, guaranteeing a double dosage of fun! It’s not everyday you get to run among the roaring lions and chittering chimpanzees of the Singapore Zoo! What’s more, you’ll have personal cheerleaders in the forms of giant sun bears, curious otters and lumbering elephants. Is there anything better?

A portion of the proceeds will go towards the wildlife conservation efforts of Singapore zoo and Wildlife Reserves Singapore. What are you waiting for? Head over to their website to register right this minute!

Where: Singapore Zoo
Date: 27th and 28th February
Time: 7.30am (First Flag off)
Price: Prices range from SGD50 – SGD80, click here for more details

February 2016: My Little Pony Friendship Run

My Little Pony Friendship RunImage credit: My Little Pony: Friendship Run 2016

Come February, frolick with your favourite My Little Ponies – Twilight Sparkle, Apple Jack, Fluttershy, Rarity, Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash – for a day of magic, sparkle and fun! What’s more, you get an exclusive plush toy (Rainbow Dash or Pinkie Pie) with every registration! You also get the chance to purchase exclusive merchandise – Friendship tshirt, varsity jersey, tote bag, wall decals, towels and more.

Due to popular demand, the 1km Pony Kids Run is already sold out, but there are still slots left for the 4km Fun Run, or 6km Bestie Run. Seize the chance before slots run out – skip over to their website to register now by 8th February for a frolicking good time!

Date: 29th February 2016
Time: 8am (6km Bestie Run), 9am (4km Fun Run), 9.30am (1km Pony Kids Run)
Where: Sentosa Palawan Green
Price*: SGD70 (4km Fun Run: Adult), SGD52 (4km fun Run: Child), SGD150 (2 pax: 6Km Bestie run)
*Prices are valid from 1st February 2016, visit their website for discounts valid for registration till 31st January!

March 2016: One Piece Run

One Piece RunImage credit: One Piece Run 2016

Calling all One Piece fans! After making its debut in Taiwan last May, the run will be hitting Singapore shores in March 2016. This is the first anime-themed run to hit the shores of Singapore, and will be modeled after key episodes of the famed anime series. Enter the world of Luffy, the show’s main character, and embark on an invigorating pirate chase to become the next Pirate King!

Registration on their website closes on 12th February at 2369hrs, so what else are you waiting for?

Date: 6th March 2016
Time: 7.15am (Flag off)
Where: Kallang Practice Track
Price: SGD68

March 2016: BounceOFF!

BounceOFF!Image credit: BounceOFF! 2016

Get ready for BounceOFF!, Asia’s largest Inflatable Race. Make your way through not 1, not 2, but ELEVEN inflatable obstacles that span across all 3 beaches of Sentosa! Slide down giant inflatable slides, navigate your way through a bouncy web, take on the Gladiator, and more! Save your energy for the BounceOFF! Bazaar as well, where you can take part in a game of human foosball, or scale an inflatable rock wall. Registration for the race allows you to enter the bazaar, free of charge. Score! Are you ready to have a bouncing good time? Bounce over to their website this instant!

Date: 12th March 2016
Time: 9am – 4pm (hourly kick-offs)
Where: Sentosa
Price: SGD98 (Individual), SGD78 (Individual – Plus! Member Exclusive), SGD48 (Individual, Bazaar only), SGD140 (Family Bundle, Bazaar only)

March 2016: Winter Run

Winter RunImage credit: Winter Run Singapore

Always lamented Singapore’s lack of four seasons? Now’s your chance to experience winter, right here on Singapore’s sunny shores! A spin-off of the renowned UK Winter Run series, brave the chill in 3 different zones – Snow flurries or ice caves, anyone? The early bird discount is still valid till 31st January, so head over to their website now!

Date: 26th March 2016
Time: 4pm (Flag off)
Where: Big Splash
Price*: SGD75 (Adult), SGD45 (Child)
*Prices effective from 1st – 28th February

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April 2016: Snoopy Run

Snoopy RunImage credit: Snoopy Run

Join Snoopy, Charlie Brown & gang this April for a run you’ll never forget! A giant inflatable Snoopy will be present for your instagramming pleasure, and take the chance to visit Lucy’s iconic lemonade stand. Snap selfies with all the Snoopy mascots, and all runners will get an exclusive “black beagle nose” to wear during the race! Registration on their website opens 3rd February 2016, so stay tuned!

Date: 24th April 2016
Time: 7.15am (Flag off)
Where: Singapore Sports Hub
Price: Ticket details will be announced soon!

May 2016: Diamond Dash

Diamond DashImage credit: Diamond Dash

“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”; Calling fans of all things sparkly! This race takes the cake for it’s a vertical race, where you race up and down 17 storeys! Collect “diamonds” along the way, and run past the diamond showcase right at the top! Drop off your collected “diamonds” at the end of the race for a chance to win a 1.5 carat diamond! Wow! Whether you’re single or attached, this race has something for you! Get your sparkly on and register at their website.

Date: 7th and 8th May 2016
Time: 9am (Flag off) – 6pm
Where: Klapsons, The Boutique Hotel
Price*: SGD29.50 (Individual), SGD59 (Couple)

*Early bird prices valid until 14th February only

May 2016: Bubble Glow 5K

Bubble Glow 5KImage credit: Bubble Glow 5k

Immerse yourself in bubbles with this 5km fun run around the scenic Gardens By The Bay! Glow through the night as you run amidst waves of UV coloured bubbles, which are water-based (easily washable) and non-toxic. Spam pictures at the UV Glow zone, where stretches of road will be illuminated with mesmerizing UV lights. Party into the night after the finishing line, and enjoy the talents of MI Capella and DJ Chow! As if all that isn’t enough, visit the Night Festival for delicious treats, exclusive merchandises and so much more. Head over to their website to register for a glowing good time!

Date: 21st May 2016
Time: 6pm
Where: Gardens By The Bay, Bay East Gardens
Price*: SGD40 (Basic: Adult), SGD25 (Basic: Child), SGD55 (Advance: Adult), SGD25 (Advance: Child)

*Prices are valid until 31st March, for pricings from 1st – 7th April, please visit their website for more details.

3, 2, 1, get set, go! Lace up your track shoes, and have the time of your life at any of the above fun runs! Registered yet? We know we have!

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