6 Best Cafes in Singapore to Visit for A Rejuvenating Getaway

6 Best Cafes in Singapore to Visit for A Rejuvenating Getaway

Who knew that the Little Red Dot is home to such beautiful cafes too?

If you’re aching to travel, we hope that our picks of the best cafes to visit in Singapore quell your wanderlust; or if you’re a foreigner, to bookmark this page and look forward to the many cafe-hopping adventures that lie in store for you! 

1. Wildseed Cafe

Who says there aren’t aesthetic cafes in the North-East of the Little Red Dot? Soak in the summer vibes at Wildseed Cafe on the ground floor of The Summerhouse, nestled amidst verdant greenery in the countryside of Seletar. If you are seeking a restorative refuge in a floral wonderland away from the hustle and bustle of the concrete jungle, this colonial building is the perfect place to go. 

wildseed the summerhouse

Highlights from Wildseed Cafe’s Weekend Brunch Menu (left) and its signature Wildflower Latte (right). | Image credit: The Summerhouse Official Instagram Page

Tuck into a hearty brunch of flaky artisanal pastries and cakes, coupled with a cup of latte or freshly roasted coffee. We recommend its Atas Kaya Toast; a warm sourdough bread brimming with a luscious kaya spread and its fluffy Highland Pancake drizzled in maple syrup. Its signature Wildflower Latte concocted from vanilla, hibiscus powder and wildflower meringue is one of its highlights, too. 

Fun fact: It uses coffee beans that originate from Cerrado in Brazil and the Sumatran Aceh highlands.

Craving for its delectable sweet treats? Rejoice as Wildseed Cafe has reopened its doors for dine-in with revised operating hours. We don’t know about you, but this is arguably one of the best news that we’ve heard!

the summerhouse garden domes

Wouldn’t this make the perfect satur-date? | Image credit: The Summerhouse Official Instagram Page

While you’re there, why not check out The Summerhouse Garden Domes too? With The Summerhouse Edible Garden at its doorstep, get ready to savour an authentic farm-to-table dining experience. You can count on The Summerhouse to keep things fresh, as it incorporates herbs and garnishes harvested from its very own edible garden into its menu. 

You can now relive your most magical moments in this idyllic spot with your special someone, by opting for its Dine in The Dome experience. Expect to dine under an endless bed of stars glowing from the heavens above, in a cosy space away from the crowd in its enchanting garden.

2. Café de Nicole’s Flower

If you’re running out of places to go cafe-hopping, fret not as we have sniffed out this floral-themed cafe along Telok Kurau Road in the East. Some of the highlights of Café de Nicole’s Flower’s all-day breakfast menu consist of mouth-watering savoury treats such as Truffle & Cheese Filling Ravioli and Baked Stuffed Portobello

Furthermore, who could forget its beloved Soufflé Pancake? Take your pick from its myriad of flavours, ranging from Matcha to Tiramisu and even Earl Grey & Bobba. We can almost imagine the symphony of flavours upon sinking our teeth into its pillowy exterior. 

Besides Instagram-worthy food, this cafe also boasts of an aesthetic interior that is bound to stir up wanderlust among your Instagram followers. The moment you step into the cafe, expect to be welcomed by the intoxicating perfume of fresh blooms. Feast your eyes on a kaleidoscope of colours, such as roses and many more. Its enthralling display of flowers of all kinds impart a whimsical aesthetic to this cafe. In terms of floral or garden-themed cafes, we dare say this is one of the best cafes in Singapore. 

Best of all, it’s pet-friendly; so feel free to spend a laid-back evening with your pet in tow. Say hello to its resident cat too, aptly dubbed “Lao Ban”, which translates into “boss”. 

On the edge of your seat? We have to admit we are too, but remember to head to its official Instagram page to check for its latest updates regarding dining in beforehand.

3. Wheeler’s Estate

Embrace the great outdoors at Wheeler’s Estate, where you can savour an alfresco dining experience like no other. There’s no need to worry about getting lost, for its trademark — a silver campervan which signifies that you have arrived in the backyard of Wheeler Estate — is hard to miss. 

Be one with nature at its Cafe By The Lawn, as you recline on its woven rattan chairs and soak in the chill vibes. To complete the experience, why not try its classic Beer Battered Fish & Chips or Slow Cooked Beef Brisket Roll

We don’t mind whiling our time away at this picturesque spot, with Senegal Mahogany and Angsana trees swaying in the cool breeze. The way we see it, this is the perfect spot for lazy afternoon chats.   

Come dusk, the hanging light bulbs illuminating its backyard, coupled with nature’s cinematic light bathing the landscape in an unimaginably warm colour is a sight to behold. If there’s one thing we’re sure of, it is that its rustic charm never fails to tug at our heartstrings. We can see why this place is a popular location for solemnisations and even weddings; it’s breathtaking to say the least. Personally, this is ranked as one of the best cafes in Singapore on my own cafe-hopping bucket list. 

4. Whisk & Paddle

Who else wishes to witness this glorious sea of golden at Whisk & Paddle? Besides marvelling at this sunflower field, pamper yourself with this riverside cafe’s homemade pastries and a cup of steaming freshly ground coffee. Indulge in its desserts such as Passionfruit Tart and Chocolate Chip Waffle With Seasalt Butter & Syrup. If you are looking to fill your tummy with some mains, have a go at its Duck & Lychee Hand Stretched Thin Crust Pizza or its Prawn Rose

Picture this: leafing through your favourite book or typing away at your laptop whilst overlooking luscious foliage. This is the very picture of serenity. Its relaxed ambience will naturally soothe your soul and boost your productivity. 

Having opened its shutters once again, this comforting brunch spot at Tebing Lane awaits your return. If you’re having any qualms about visiting, let its adoption of safety measures alleviate your concerns. These include ensuring at least 1m spacing between tables and groups. 

5. PS.Cafe


PS.Cafe Raffles City Branch. | Image credit: PS.Cafe Official Website

Housed within the bustling Raffles City, PS.Cafe is no stranger to the thriving cafe scene. Its humble beginnings can be traced back to its starting location within Projectshop clothing store. Over time, this hidden gem gradually garnered a following due to its well-loved truffle fries and luxurious desserts. 

Steal a getaway to its Raffles City branch, which is easily accessible by train. Housed within a spectacular structure boasting lush greenery and towering glass panels, this oasis of tranquility is also home to indulgent treats.

golden banana butterscotch cake

Golden Banana Butterscotch Cake (left) and PS. Caesar Salad with Grilled Chicken (right). | Image credit: PS.Cafe Official Website

Satisfy your sweet tooth with the Golden Banana Butterscotch Cake, or dig into the PS. Caesar Salad with Grilled Chicken. From decadent desserts to healthy goodness, there’s bound to be something for everyone. 

Furthermore, PS.Cafe is committed to safeguarding the health and safety of its visitors as it has adopted stringent safe management measures to ensure a safe and memorable experience for all. Therefore, you can cast your worries aside. 

ps cafe

PS.Cafe East Coast Park (left) and PS.Cafe Ann Siang Hill Park (right). | Image credit (L-R): PS.Cafe Official Instagram Page; PS.Cafe Official Website

While you’re at it, why not check the rest of its outlets off your wishlist? Either way, they promise a rejuvenating experience. We can see why PS.Cafe is hailed as one of the best cafes that Singapore has to offer. 

6. We are the Furballs

Get ready for a paw-some time at We are the Furballs (WTF). Cuddle with adorable furballs at Singapore’s first dog-petting café in the heart of Bugis

This minimalist cafe is home to simple wooden benches and a brightly-lit interior, contributing to its warm, earthy tones. Moreover, its spaciousness allows its furkids to run freely.

This cafe is slightly unique in the sense that it does not serve food for human consumption. Instead, it only serves drinks. Although this is not your conventional cafe, we wouldn’t trade playing with lovable puppies for the world! If your priority isn’t necessarily cafe food, we highly recommend exploring this place. This is bound to be a haven for dog lovers. 

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Above all, we hope that these best cafes in Singapore have given you some much-needed inspiration to jumpstart your cafe-hopping adventures in the Garden City! 

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