Haunted Chalets & Iconic Asian Ghosts: A First Look at Universal Studios Singapore's New Halloween Fest

Haunted Chalets & Iconic Asian Ghosts: A First Look at Universal Studios Singapore’s New Halloween Fest

Universal Studios Singapore’s annual scare-fest is back! 

Halloween Horror Nights 9

Image Credit: Resorts World Sentosa

Halloween Horror Nights is Universal Studios’ event of the year, when the park comes alive at night as a plethora of haunted houses opens up to unsuspecting visitors. Now in its ninth edition, Universal Studios Singapore is doing things differently with more emphasis on Asian horror tales. 

Here is a sneak peek into two of the key Asian-inspired haunted houses set to raise the horror meter this year at Halloween Horror Nights 2019. These houses draw their inspiration from regional Asian folklore and mythology, bringing their tales to life with elaborate set designs, special effects, and original characters. 

1 – Encounter the Serpentine Spirit in Curse of the Naga, created by the director of Thai horror film ‘Shutter’

One of the new offerings at Halloween Horror Nights 2019, Curse of the Naga is an original haunted house from the collective vision of Thai director duo Parkpoom Wongpoom and Gunn Purijitpanya. You might not know these names, but fans of horror movies will recognize them as the directors of two blockbuster Thai horror films: Shutter and 4bia

If you thought watching Thai horror films was scary enough, Universal Studios Singapore has brought the conceptualisation of these two directors’ brilliant minds to life with Curse of the Naga. The haunted house also marks Halloween Horror Night’s first-ever regional collaboration, so you are guaranteed fresh, authentic content that will totally creep you out.

Curse of the Naga charts the journey of a foreigner who incurs the wrath of the malevolent Naga spirit and has to find a way to escape her clutches. Guests will bash through dense undergrowth, pass through an abandoned village, and navigate a labyrinth-filled house as they come face to face with spirits who are determined to keep them there. 

Naga Spirit

Image Credit: Resorts World Sentosa

Inside the haunted house, guests will chance upon many original characters, including the iconic Serpentine Spirit. Covered in snake scales from head to toe and adorned with traditional brass fingernail extensions, the spirit is a sight to behold. Do not stare at her too long though, or you might be doomed for eternity and cannot leave the house alive!

2 – Escape from the Toyol, Pocong and Other Legendary Asian Ghosts in The Chalet Hauntings 

Telling ghost stories is everyone’s favourite pastime, as we compete to see who has the juiciest tales and eerie encounters to share. Just when we think hearing these stories from others is enough for our frail heart, a new haunted house – where our stories come to life – has appeared in Halloween Horror Nights.  

The Chalet Hauntings

Image Credit: Resorts World Sentosa

Relive some of the most commonly shared experiences of paranormal sightings as you venture into The Chalet Hauntings. Guests will put themselves in the shoes of a curious trespasser setting foot into a chalet that is off-limits, investigating the rumour that five teenagers have disappeared into the darkness.

The Langsuir

Image Credit: Resorts World Sentosa

For the first time in history, The Chalet Hauntings will bring to life the most extensive collection of Southeast Asian iconic ghosts in a single house. These include the demonic Toyol, evil Hantu Galah, demented Pocong, beastly Hantu Raya, alongside the bloodthirsty Langsuir – the female terror that attacks her prey with sharp fingernails and rips them to shreds, only stopping after she has quenched her thirst for blood. 

You may have heard of these ghosts from your friends’ tales, but have you tried to face them all at once? With animatronic and special effects abound, The Chalet Hauntings will definitely test your limits as they unleash your greatest fears.

We are sure that this sneak preview has definitely got you excited. Prepare to face your fears at Universal Studios Singapore’s biggest event yet! Featuring all-new frights across 16 event nights, fans can experience five haunted houses, two scare zones and two killer shows. 

Universal Studios Singapore’s Halloween Horror Nights 9 will run from 27 September till 31 October. More information on the event can be found at www.halloweenhorrornights.com.sg

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