Desa Potato Head Creates Sculptures From Waste With Street Artist

Desa Potato Head Collaborates With Street Culture Icon to Create Sculptures From Waste

The popular hotel in Bali is pointing the way forward!

If you’re into sustainability, design, and island holidays, you’ve likely heard of Desa Potato Head in Seminyak: the creative village known for its progressive music and arts programming, 5-star hotel status, and zero-waste initiatives. 

Recently, they’ve collaborated with NYC street culture icon, Futura2000 for a collaborative project. Waste from around the island of Bali was collected to create two iterations of two sculptures titled Pointman – River Warrior, installed in both Singapore and Bali. The idea behind the sculptures was to spread a simple, yet powerful message: waste can be beautiful.

Waste as Material?

Image credit: Potato Head

Pointman is propped up at the National Design Centre Singapore and at Desa Potato Head in Bali, a must-visit art installation should you find yourself in either destination. Singapore’s Pointman is made up of over 14,300 black and white plastic grocery bags retrieved by environmental advocates Sungai Watch from the waterways of Bali. These bags were melted down, pressed into sheets, then machine cut to make the pieces of the sculpture. 

Bali’s Pointman, on the other hand, used everything from motor oil bottles to discarded water gallon lids sourced by the community organisation, Yayasan Kakikita. Potato Head believes that waste is only waste when it reaches a landfill and so, the hospitality business works tirelessly to ensure none of their waste gets there using a number of initiatives. They’ve reimagined waste as everything from compost, to amenities, and even art. 

Street Art Meets Luxury Hotel

Image credit: Potato Head

This isn’t the first time Potato Head has worked with international talents to find solutions for waste– they’ve worked with incredible designers such Max Lamb, Andra Matin and Andreu Carulla. But for the first time, Potato Head is expanding its creative reach to a different scene by collaborating with Futura2000 which specialises in underground street culture. 

Those with a vested interest in the subculture will be familiar with Futura2000, having pioneered an entire movement of abstract street art in the 70’s. He has worked alongside big names such as Keith Haring, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Comme des Garcons, Louis Vuitton, and Nike. This project is a big deal, not only because of the minds involved, but because of the community effort it took to pull together, and for the message behind the sculpture. 

Image credit: Potato Head

Art with Meaning

Image credit: Potato Head

Not only will Pointman be a go-to art installation for Singapore and Bali as well as an iconic photo-op, but the sculpture is also deeply concerned with global issues. Pollution is a crisis-level issue around the world. Through art, Pointman invites conversation for onlookers. It shows the possibilities of waste reimagination, functions as social commentary, and is the product of radical thinking. Waste can be beautiful, and we all play a role in being a part of the solution. 

Singapore’s Pointman will be at the NDC until the 25th of December, before he embarks on his world tour, spreading a message of beautiful sustainability. 

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Join the Party

So, come meet Pointman. Better yet, if you’re in Bali on the 9th of December, celebrate Pointman’s arrival to Bali the Potato Head way. That is, with an unmissable party packed with dj’s, bottomless beers, food stalls, live dance performances, a talk with Futura2000 himself, merch– and a portion of the proceeds from the event going towards Sungai Watch and their clean-up efforts, because Good Times, Do Good. 

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