Snow City Unveils Singapore’s First Ice Hotel Exhibition

Snow City Unveils Singapore’s First Ice Hotel Exhibition

With the Christmas season coming around, Snow City is the place to go!

When you think of an ice hotel, the first thing that comes to mind is probably something straight out of Disney’s Frozen, with architecture and furniture carved out of ice and imbued with unmistakable Nordic charm. Or perhaps you think of the real Ice Hotels sprinkled throughout the Scandinavian territories. Either way, Singapore is probably the furthest thing from your mind. Well, that sentiment won’t last for long as Snow City opens Singapore’s first permanent Ice Hotel gallery! 

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What to expect

Inspired by the Ice Hotels in Norway, Finland and Sweden, Snow City’s newest permanent exhibit features a collection of sculptures, furniture, and replicas of iconic Singaporean landmarks made entirely of ice. The installations are broken up into five different zones.

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Ice Bar

The ice bar is a functional bar where guests can get themselves a chilled drink. Who needs ice cubes when you can have ice cups? 

Singapore’s Iconic History

As the name suggests, this zone consists of icy replicas of Singapore’s most iconic historical landmarks. There’s even an ice statue of Sir Standford Raffles!

Throne of the Sea

Ever wondered what a crossover between Disney’s Little Mermaid and Frozen would look like? Throne of the Sea will give you a pretty good idea. This beautiful installation features the frozen sculpture of a mermaid sitting on a giant shell!

Ice Hotel Dining

Heavily inspired by Nordic culture, this dining hall is fit for a king. Visitors should keep an eye out for intricate designs of animals and landscapes whilst there!

Ice Bed

After countless memes about how Queen Elsa slept on a bed made of ice in her frozen fortress of solitude, we finally get to see what that would look like. In all seriousness, this installation was inspired by similar ones in the Scandinavian Ice Hotels, a homage to the original Ice Hotel. 

Aside from the five main installations, there are various other sculptures of animals, flora and landscapes waiting to be discovered so keep your eyes peeled for them! Tickets to the Ice Hotel exhibition start at S$17 and include access to other parts of Snow City, such as the Snow Field and the Arctic Snow Slide. If you’re looking for a fun way to spend this holiday season, look no further!

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