6 Types of Travellers That You Need to Know About

6 Types of Travellers We Know About – Which One Are You?

Hello, globetrotters!

One of the best things about travelling is that each experience is incredibly personalised. You have the power to decide whether you’re going for total relaxation, a culture-rich adventure, a bustling foodie journey, and so much more. This near-endless variety when it comes to travelling also means that there are almost just as many types of travellers. Read on to find out which one you might be!

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Types of travellers

1. The History Buff

Singapore River | Image credit: efired via Canva Pro

A traveller who enjoys walking once-forgotten paths, letting their minds ponder on places that have been lost to time. History buffs have a vivid imagination and a love for stories. They enjoy reliving the legacies of these iconic locations in their adventures. 

Take the Singapore River, for example. A natural landmark, the river is home to Singapore’s iconic quays: Robertson Quay, Clarke Quay, and Boat Quay. Its banks and surrounding landforms served as important economic centres and business quarters in the era of Sir Stamford Raffles himself. Singapore’s status as a free port is by and large owed to the strategic position of the Singapore River, which has drawn in traders and merchants since the 12th century.

History buffs can also visit Fort Siloso, which was one of three forts built in the 19th century to defend Singapore from a potential sea invasion. Later on, the fort’s guns saw action during World War 2, during the Battle of Singapore in 1942. Singapore’s rich history exists in little places like these, making it a perfect (and underrated) destination for history buffs. From colonial buildings to historic quays, there’s plenty to discover.

Image credit: Ascott Star Rewards

Where to stay: The Robertson House by The Crest Collection. The Robertson House is the perfect place to stay for travellers looking to explore Singapore’s rich colonial history. The building itself sits on Robertson Quay, named for Dr J. Murray Robertson. This residence pays homage to the heritage of the quay while having unique amenities like the 1823 Reading Room, a library filled with vintage titles. Besides that, the Robertson House comes with a full suite of amenities including luxury showers, a 25-metre outdoor pool, an indoor gym, and colonial-inspired event rooms.

2. The Luxury Lover

Image credit: Ziga Plahutar via Canva Pro

Constantly striving to live life in the lap of luxury, these travellers wouldn’t be caught dead in a budget hotel or backpacker hostel. More often than not, their trips include high-end restaurants, boutique shopping, luxury spa visits, exotic locations, and much more. When sorting out an itinerary, they’ll likely leave the grunt work to travel agents, only stepping out of their luxury stays when needed.

Luxury lovers tend to flock to some of the most decadent cities in the world, one of which is Dubai. Almost everything in this City of Gold is done in excess, whether it’s designer shopping at the Dubai Mall, private yacht cruises along the canal, or touring the desert in a Land Rover. This might be the only country in the entire world where the police force gets to drive around in supercars. Now that’s a place for a luxury traveller!

Image credit: Ascott Star Rewards

Where to stay: Ascott Park Place Dubai. Luxury apartments housed within the iconic Park Place Tower offer guests an incredible view of the city below or the Arabian Gulf. Ascott Park Place Dubai is located on the prestigious Sheikh Zayed Road and is within walking distance of the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre, and the Dubai International Financial Centre. Guests can use the Dubai World Trade Centre Metro Station, which is just across the road from the apartments, to easily reach other destinations in the city for all their needs.

3. The Foodie

Image credit: anuchit kamsongmueang via Canva Pro

Foodies are guided to their next destination by mouthwatering flavours and aromas. Forget about beaches or attractions. No, these hungry travellers seek only to sate their never-ending appetites for new dishes. 

One of the best places in the world for a foodie to visit is the roaring capital of Thailand, Bangkok! Thai cuisine is beloved all across the globe, but it doesn’t get any more authentic than the local gastronomy scene in this bustling city. Yaowarat, also known as Bangkok’s Chinatown, is filled with a delicious mix of Thai and Chinese street food options. You’ll find grilled meats, noodles, and dim sum alongside Thai curries and fried rice.

Besides that, Banglamphu is the place to visit for delicious street eats in a historic setting. Start off at the backpacker hub of Khao San Road and follow your nose down a myriad of small lanes to discover stalls selling native flavours like pad see ew, pad kee mao, and tom yum gung. For more cheap and tasty local, try heading to Bang Rak District.

Image credit: Ascott Star Rewards

Where to stay: lyf Sukhumvit 8 Bangkok. A perfect fit within the dazzling lights of Bangkok, lyf 8 Sukhumvit is a buzzing property that’s only a few steps away from the bustling Sukhumvit thoroughfare. It is also just a 5-minute walk away from the Nana BTS Skytrain and nestled within lifestyle hubs like Terminal 21, Central World, and Siam Square. Additional amenities include a rooftop lounge and communal spaces.

4. The Digital Nomad

Kelingking Beach, Bali | Image credit: miniloc via Canva Pro

There’s no doubt that digital nomads have dominated the travel scene ever since the world emerged from the COVID-19 pandemic. The realisation that all their work can essentially be done from a laptop was the beginning of a grand travel exodus that still is in full swing to this day.  Digital nomads tend to flock to destinations that are welcoming to travellers and filled with amenities like excellent internet, efficient public transport, coworking spaces, and great nightlife. 

One of the best digital nomad experiences in the world can undoubtedly be found in Bali. The booming cafe culture in this popular destination means there’s never a shortage of places to work, and explore. Digital nomads in Bali should head to places like Canggu and Uluwatu, where there is an abundance of beach clubs and restaurants to camp out with their laptops and enjoy the vibes. 

The cultural atmosphere of Ubud is also another great environment for digital nomads looking to nurture their creativity in a serene environment. Bali also has a robust transportation network, with plenty of thriving e-hailing services to choose from.

Image credit: Ascott Star Rewards

Where to stay: Citadines Berawa Beach Bali. This cosy apartment is just a short walk away from the cafes, restaurants, and recreational outlets that dot the landscape around Canggu Beach, including Finn’s Beach Club and the Potato Head Family’s Attarine. Comprising of 224 units, Citadines Berawa Beach Bali offers picturesque sea views and is fully furnished with a serviced kitchen, and wireless internet access, where guests can enjoy the comforts and privacy of their own living space. It is also only a 20-minute drive away from Seminyak, another popular Bali destination.

5. The Culture Vulture

Image credit: fabianirsara via Canva Pro

Culture vultures plan their trips and vacations based on the kind of cultural immersion that the journey can offer. They will seek out historical sites, art galleries, or music festivals. The goal of their travels is to learn the intricacies of a nation’s culture, visualising how the locals live, and trying to assimilate into that lifestyle. 

A good destination for culture vultures to visit would be the capital of Vietnam: Hanoi. Widely recognised for its blend of French influences and Southeast Asian Heritage, Hanoi is a city filled with charming markets and old temples that are waiting to be discovered, such as the Perfume Pagoda, and One Pillar Pagoda. The Dong Xuan Market within Hanoi’s Old Quarter is the largest indoor market in the city, housed within a unique building with architectural elements influenced by the Soviet era.

Image credit: Ascott Star Rewards

Where to stay: Somerset Hoa Binh Hanoi. Located in Vietnam’s capital city, the serviced apartments of Somerset Hoa Binh Hanoi offer all guests a welcome respite as they explore the cultural wonders of Hanoi. The serviced residence is located just 10 minutes from Hanoi’s Central Business District and within the vicinity of Deaha Business Center, Noi Bai Industrial Zone, and Thang Long Industrial Park.  

6. The Shopaholic

Ginza, Tokyo | Image credit: visualspace via Canva Pro

The term “shop ’til you drop” comes to life in the form of shopaholic travellers. Their keen eyes can pick out a boutique from a mile away, and they’ve always got a little extra space in their luggage for the haul. Shopaholics aren’t snobs, however.

They equally enjoy trawling local artisanal markets or roaming some of the world’s glitziest shopping districts and megamalls. All in all, travellers like these ultimately seek to make the most of their trips by bringing back things that they can continue to use for years to come – or until the next shopping trip comes around!

Tokyo’s Ginza District is one of the best places in the world for shopping, especially when it comes to fashion and luxury. There are plenty of flagship stores for some of the most prestigious brands in the world, alongside famous department stores like Mitsukoshi Ginza. However, the options don’t end there. Looking for manga or electronics? Head to Akihabara. Need authentic souvenirs for the trip home? Asakusa is your destination. In Tokyo, the options for a shopaholic traveller are endless.

Image credit: Ascott Star Rewards

Where to stay: Ascott Marunouchi Tokyo. An urban oasis amidst the bustling streets of Tokyo, the Ascott Marunouchi is a gateway that connects travellers to some of the finer things in Japan’s capital. It is a stone’s throw away from Ginza, which is Tokyo’s most prestigious shopping, dining and entertainment belt, and the Imperial Palace. Guests will also enjoy convenient access to other parts of Tokyo and Japan as Ascott Marunouchi Tokyo is linked to the Otemachi Subway Station and is also a 10-minute walk to the main Tokyo train station.

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When looking at the types of travellers, grouping them all into fun little categories can do wonders to help people realise what they want out of their next trip. After all, a holiday comes with infinite possibilities, so it’s comforting to have a method to frame each journey by knowing the kind of traveller you might be.

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