Uncover the Truth Behind the Mysterious Road of Jeju Island

Uncover the Truth Behind the Mysterious Road of Jeju Island

Have you ever seen things move uphill? Visit the Mysterious Road of Jeju Island and see how this crazy phenomenon happens right before your very eyes.

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Nothing is more baffling than the strange movement of things on the Mysterious Road of Jeju Island. Objects on the road roll up the hill instead of moving downwards. How could this be possible? On the surface, this upward movement appears to defy the laws of gravity but in reality, the phenomenon is just a mere optical illusion.

The Mysterious Road or the Dokkaebi Road in Jeju Island is one of the numerous magnetic hills scattered around the world. A slight downhill slope appears to be an uphill slope due to the seemingly high surroundings, creating an optical illusion that objects roll uphill.

Unbelievable? See how this natural illusion tricks your eyes.

33.492162,126.484008,Mysterious Road, Jeju-do, South Korea

Pass by the Mysterious Road in Jeju Island and see this amazing phenomenon yourself.

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