12 Cafes in Busan for Your Coffee & Instagram Fix

12 Best Cafes in Busan for Your Coffee & Instagram Fix

No other coastal city does cafes quite like Busan!

Famed for its pristine beaches and vibrant cafe culture, Busan is a dream destination for chilling out with a cup of coffee by the beach. This city in South Korea is packed with cafes that offer sophisticated desserts, aesthetic interiors, and awesome views. Read on to find the best cafes in Busan to experience while touring its top attractions. 

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Best seaside cafes in Busan to add to your itinerary

1. Waveon Coffee

Waveon Coffee in Busan is one of the city’s must-try cafes. The cafe building is a three-storey architectural marvel designed to give customers stunning views of Gijang’s coastline from every corner. In the outdoor seating area, you can lie on large wooden benches called pyeongsang under the shade of pine trees. The menu offers delectable French desserts and speciality coffee. 

Note: Customers must order a drink before taking a seat at this cafe in Busan. 

2. Cafe Rooftop

Another of the most scenic cafes in Busan is Cafe Rooftop. As the name suggests, you can enjoy magnificent views of Haeundae Beach from the cafe rooftop. The rooftop area has many lounge chairs, sunbeds, and couches for customers to relax on. Both indoor and outdoor areas are decorated with bright colours and cute props that will look amazing on your Instagram feed. 

To satisfy your sweet tooth, you can try the cafe’s croiffles (croissant-waffles) and marlenka cake (a layer cake made with honey and condensed milk ). Beverages sold here include the usual coffee, tea, and ade. The cafe serves drinks in a wicker basket, which will add a rustic touch to your dining experience. 

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3. Bibibidang

Bibibidang is one of the most unique cafes in Busan, as it is a traditional Korean teahouse with a coastline view. The cafe serves classic Korean desserts and tea confectionery known as dashik. There is also a wide variety of hot and cold teas including matcha tea, fruit teas, and flower teas. 

The gorgeous East Sea and rocky coast can be seen from most of the cafe’s tables. Customers may choose between a modern dining hall or hanok-style seating. 

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4. Casa Busano 

You might recognise Casa Busano from your Instagram Explore feed. This cafe boasts a spectacular view of Haeundae Beach and a chic European interior. The menu is inspired by European espresso bars, offering espresso shots, shakerato (Italian-style shaken iced espresso), and cortado (espresso mixed with an equal amount of warm milk). There are also many liqueurs for customers to choose from, as well as ice-cold lemonade.   

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5. Suwol Gyeonghwa

Suwol Gyeonghwa is a hanok cafe in Busan famed for its delicate Korean desserts and splendid view of Songjeong Beach. From the glass panels, you can see the railway tracks running alongside the coast. The cafe’s name translates into “moon in the water, flower in the mirror” — referring to things that can be seen but not felt. Step into this cafe’s zen interior and taste its sophisticated desserts to understand the meaning of this phrase. 

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6. HUS Coffee

HUS Coffee is one of the most popular cafes in Busan because of its eye-catching interior and proximity to top tourist spots. Located in Cheongsapo, it is near Cheongsapo Daritdol Skywalk and Cheongsapo Lighthouse

Stop by this cafe to unwind after a long day of sightseeing. HUS Coffee’s interior uses a sleek blue-and-white colour scheme and shows off the breathtaking sea view with wide glass panels. On the menu, you’ll find coffee, milk tea, and refreshing fruit ades. 

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7. Cafe Edge 993

Cafe Edge 993 is a stylish seaside cafe in Busan that offers fantastic views of Haeundae Beach. It turns into a bar and restaurant at night and is part of a hotel bearing the same name. On the first floor, you can buy coffee and pastries. Bring your food and drinks up to the fifth floor or rooftop to enjoy the sight of Haeundae’s sky capsules zooming by. 

The comfortable seating and chill vibe will definitely persuade you to spend the morning here. In the cafe’s parking lot, you’ll find a set of stairs looking out over the sea. Stop by to take some IG-worthy photos at the top of these stairs before leaving! 

Other unique cafes in Busan worth exploring

8. Cheongsapo Station

Just a stone’s throw away from Cheongsapo Port is Cheongsapo Station: a tranquil hanok cafe nestled amidst modern and contemporary buildings. Housed in a remodelled centuries-old hanok, the cafe exudes a relaxing, rustic charm. The interior is notable for its bare wooden rafters and columns, which give the impression of stepping into a traditional Korean farmhouse. 

If you’re a fan of vintage aesthetics, this is one of the best cafes in Busan for you to visit. As for the menu, you’ll find the usual coffee, tea, desserts, and fruit ades here. Some interesting items that have been praised by reviewers are the cafe’s black sesame latte and soboro cream bread (round peanut bread).

9. Gemstone 

Gemstone is an oddity among cafes in Busan. The establishment is housed in a former swimming complex and boasts an interior that is truly one-of-a-kind. Enjoy an unlikely selection of spots to dine in: an abandoned swimming pool in the basement; locker rooms and shower rooms on the first floor; or lounge on bean bags on the second floor. 

The bread here is baked fresh on the day it is sold and made with fresh cream. The most popular menu items are the injeolmi bread (a bun filled with whipped cream and red bean) and the squid-ink butter bread. Don’t leave without trying one of these! 

10. Patisserie Boulangerie OPS – Haeundae

Patisserie Boulangerie OPS is another among the must-try cafes in Haeundae, Busan. Doubling as a bakery, it sells delicious Japanese- and European-style bread and pastries. Customers can also look forward to breakfast sets, hot chocolate, fresh juice, and coffee. 

The bakery chain currently has two locations in Busan: The first store is in Namcheon-dong, which dates all the way back to 1996, while the second one is in Haeundae-gu. Since the Haeundae store is closer to the city’s top attractions, it is clearly the more convenient option. Inside the store, you’ll find a wide and ever-changing selection of freshly baked goods. Its signatures include the matcha roll, mascarpone pudding, and dacquoise biscuit. 

11. Cafe Bugok

Located near Busan University, Cafe Bugok is a chill place to grab mouth-watering cookies and cakes paired with coffee and tea. The cafe specialises in making cookies with adorable designs and innovative flavours. Meanwhile, their aesthetically pleasing cakes are topped with fresh fruits and filled with delicious cream cheese. You can get premium strawberry cakes, chocolate cakes, and cheesecakes here. In addition, the cafe was remodelled from an old house and sports a cute dollhouse aesthetic. 

12. Alike Coffee

Along the famous Busan cafe street, Jeonpo-dong, you’ll find Alike Coffee: a cafe that has become known for its exquisite desserts and chic minimalist interior design. The seasonal desserts here taste as amazing as they look. You’ll be able to take great photos that stand out against the simple white-and-beige backdrop. The coffee here is light on caffeine and probably the best coffee in Busan for those who are caffeine-sensitive. 

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With that, we round up our list of the best cafes in Busan. These cafes are so much more than a place to grab a coffee. Boasting gorgeous interiors, spectacular scenery, and refined desserts, they offer a holistic experience worth travelling for. Which of these cafes would you visit? Share your thoughts on our Facebook page

Feature image credit: Waveon Coffee | Official Instagram Page

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