Percy Jackson Update: Lin Manuel Hinted to Play A Role In The Series!

Percy Jackson Update: Lin Manuel Hinted to Play A Role In The Series!

This is an epic "crossover" in the making!

We don’t want to get ahead of ourselves — but sometimes, we just can’t help it! A couple of hours ago, Percy Jackson author Rick Riordan gave us another update on the development of the Percy Jackson series for Disney+. Though the project is still at very early stages with no confirmed cast members, the author hinted on Lin Manuel Miranda’s involvement in the series!

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To those of you who still don’t know who Lin Manuel Miranda (LMM) is, dishonour on your cow! 

Jokes aside, LMM is the creator of the revolutionary, Grammy and Tony award-winning Broadway show, Hamilton: An American Musical. He’s also the main composer of Moana, which was nominated as Best Animated Feature in the 2017 Oscars.  

Now, both these talented writers look like they’re going to work hand in hand to make the Percy Jackson series a huge success. Check out Riordan’s tweet hinting about Lin Manuel below!

And of course, Lin Manuel just had to spill more tea by replying in kind!

Fans immediately picked this up and have started speculating as to what Lin Manuel’s role in Percy Jackson could be. On Twitter, some are thinking that he might play one of the Greek gods like Dionysius or Apollo. While others are almost sure LMM’s going to compose an original score for the series. 

Whatever his role is, we’re sure Lin Manuel’s going to give us something epic to look forward to! We can’t wait to hear more and we bet neither could you. Stay tuned for more updates!

Facebook featured image credit (L-R): Rick Riordan and Hamilton | Official Facebook Pages

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