20 Delicious Snacks from Hokkaido to Buy As Souvenirs

20 Delicious Snacks from Hokkaido to Buy As Souvenirs

Shiroi Koibito, Jaga Pokkuru, Strawberry Chocolate White and so much more. Your friends will love you for bringing home these snacks from Hokkaido.

When you return home from the “Kingdom of Sweets” that is Hokkaido, it is a shame if you don’t bring along yummy souvenirs – lots of it. Locally made from the fresh local produce, Hokkaido confectionary is simply finger lickin’ good. Take our advice: pack an extra luggage within your luggage, because you’re going to need it for these snacks:

1. Shiroi Koibito (Ishiya)

First on the list is the iconic Shiroi Koibito: white chocolate pressed between freshly-baked langue de chat (white biscuit), packed individually and best savoured one at a time.

2. Jaga Pokkuru (Jagabee)

This crunchy and slightly buttery treat is made from premium locally-grown potatoes and sprinkled with roasted salt. It comes in little packets of ten – perfect for sharing.

3. Yubari Melon Pure Jelly (Hori)

Breathe in the sweet scent and savour the taste of ripe Yubari lemon in jelly form. This is almost as good as the real thing and more importantly, it is easy to bring home! Be sure to chill it slightly in the fridge before tucking into this silky-smooth dessert.

4. Corn Chocolate (Hori)

Aside from melons, Hokkaido is also famous for their sweet corn. This crispy corn snack is coated with white chocolate and has just the right level of sweetness.

5. Sapporo Okaki Oh! Yakitokibi (Yoshimi)

Another one for the corn lovers, this special snack in summer season is the delicious amalgamation of barbecued baked corn and rice crackers. I had THREE colleagues who turned into immediate fans after sampling one packet. A must-buy and a must-try for sure!

6. Marusei Butter Sandwich (Rokkatei)

For a taste of timeless tradition, bite into the Marusei Butter Sandwich. This is Rokkatei’s best-selling biscuit and this buttery and creamy treat has a filling of white chocolate sprinkled with raisins.

7. Yukiyakonko (Rokkatei)

Another classic treat, the Yukiyakonko are cookies made from black cocoa with a layer of white chocolate inside. The cocoa layer is slightly bitter but the sweetness of the chocolate gives it the perfect balance.  

8. Strawberry Chocolate White (Rokkatei)

This snack is yet another souvenir favourite. It marries dried strawberries and white chocolate in a gobsmackingly delicious combination. To top it off, it comes in a cute flowery packaging.

9. Assorted Treats (Rokkatei)

For the best of Rottakei’s confectionery, get the box of assorted treats which feature the best of their offerings, including the aforementioned Marusei Butter Sandwich and Yukiyakonko.  

10. Potatochip Chocolate (Royce’)

Potato chips coated with chocolate? A combination you have to try! Royce’ Potatochip Chocolate comes in various flavours such as Caramel, Fromage Blanc and Mild Bitter. The Shin-Jaga flavour pictured above is a seasonal version that’s made from fresh potatoes grown in Tobetsu Town, Sapporo.

11. Assorted chocolates (Royce’)

Want to guess the hometown of Royce’? This world-famous brand, born in 1983, was founded in none other than Sapporo! So stock up on chocolate bars, chocolate wafers, baton cookies and all other yummy goodies in flavours from Matcha to Strawberry Cream. They would have come fresh from the local factory!

Bonus: The Royce’ Chocolate World, a chocolate factory and museum, can be found in New Chitose Airport!

12. Kuranama (The Sun Kuroudo)

This is a huge cookie made from wheat and sugar beet and filled with chocolatey goodness. Soft to bite and creamy inside, Kuranama comes with either black or white chocolate fillings.

13. Marukan Yokan (Gokatteya Honpo)

How’d you like to bring home a slab of azuki beans grown in Tokachi? Marukan Yokan has a push-pop design where you can push a cylindrical-shaped red bean jelly from the bottom and slice it off with an attached string. No need to get your hand sticky!

14. Hokkaido Kaitaku Okaki (Kitakaro)

These crunchy mochi rice crackers with the taste of seafood are absolutely addictive. Flavours include Mashike Amaebi (Sweet Shrimp), Matsumae Ika (Squid), Esashi Hotate (Scallop) and Shibetsu Aki Shake (Autumn Salmon), among others.

15. Potiron Double Cheesecake (LeTAO)

The Double Fromage is a limited-edition cheesecake added with a touch of a special variety pumpkin from Hokkaido. The top layer is a no-bake Italian mascarpone cheesecake while the bottom layer is baked Australian cream cheese that’s infused with sweet pumpkin flavour. Outside of autumn when it’s not available, get the Double Fromage instead.

16. Baumkuchen (Kitakaro)

Baumkuchen is a German traditional cake that made its way to Japan and rose to popularity. Don’t be deceived by the plain-looking Baumkuchen – it is light, moist and packed with a rich taste.

17. Sanpouroku (Ryugetsu)

Another Baumkuchen, this moist buttery cake has a chocolatey facade that represents the Japanese white birch trees. It is named after the style of chopping logs during Hokkaido’s development period.

18. Baked Cheese Tart (Kinotoya)

Think fluffy insides made from three types of Hokkaido cheeses, held together by crispy dough and baked to a golden yellow perfection.

19. Catch Cakes (Pastry Snaffle’s)

For a more travel-friendly cheesecake option, go for a box of Catch Cakes. Each individually-wrapped cake is bite-sized, fluffy and velvety smooth, melting into your mouth with a taste of heavenly cheese.

20. Sapporo Agricultural College Milk Cookies (Kinotoya)

Made from Hokkaido butter and wheat, this melt-in-your-mouth cookie is simple yet exquisite. As classic as it gets!

Time for souvenir shopping!

So many souvenirs to buy, not sure where to begin? It’s easy. Save your shopping for the last day of your Hokkaido trip, in New Chitose Airport, because literally everything on this list can be found there! Be sure to hit the airport early – or spend a night in the Air Terminal Hotel within the airport, if you need to! Happy shopping. 

Special thanks to Asatsu-DK Singapore and Hokkaido Tourism Organization for giving me the opportunity to experience Hokkaido (and all its yummy snacks) on a media trip!  

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