Japan Bans Travel From All Countries Till 31 Jan 2021

Japan Bans Travel From All Countries Till 31 Jan 2021

An attempt to stop the spread of the UK COVID-19 strain!

Several countries have already banned travel from the United Kingdom (UK) following the emergence of the new, more infectious COVID-19 strain. Singapore is also among the countries that have imposed travel restrictions. 

Adding to the list, Japan has imposed more stringent travel restrictions banning travel from all countries till 31 Jan 2021. This travel ban has taken effect as of Monday, 28 Dec 2020. 

Japan bans travel

Who will be allowed to enter Japan?

Certain groups of people will be allowed to enter despite Japan banning travel from all countries. 

Japanese nationals and foreigners living in Japan can still enter the country. They will need to show a negative COVID-19 test result at least 72 hours prior to them departing for Japan and will also have to undergo a 14-day quarantine period upon arrival. 

Additionally, business travellers from 11 countries can enter as well. This is in line with Japan’s bilateral travel arrangements with these countries that include China and South Korea. This also ensures that disruptions to economic activity are kept at a minimum.

Japan bans travel

Previously Japan had banned travel from 152 nations. However, since October, foreign students and business professionals planning long-term stays could enter the country. 

Now, with Japan banning travel, the issuance of visas has been suspended. Those who acquired their visas prior to the suspension, however, can still enter the country even after Monday. 

Why has Japan banned travel from all countries?

A government official said that it is not yet clear as to how much of a threat the new strain poses to Japan. Hence, the new measures were implemented for the sake of prevention. 

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According to the government, five people who travelled from Britain were confirmed to be infected with the new strain of the virus. 

Additionally, the new strain spreading in several other countries is also a grave concern for Japan. In addition to the UK, the new strain has been detected in Italy, the Netherlands, Denmark, Australia, and Germany. 

Japan bans travel

Many of us are eager to return to Japan and even attend the 2021 Tokyo Olympics! The government said that Japan’s move to ban travel also hopes to ensure that the Olympics are held without a glitch. 

Let’s hope that these measures are successful in their attempts at prevention so that travel can resume soon! 

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