Here’s What You Can Expect at NATAS Travel Fair 2017

Here’s What You Can Expect at NATAS Travel Fair 2017

We headed down to Suntec Convention Halls 3 & 4 on the first day of NATAS Fair to join the hype! Here’s a sneak peek of what we found.

Planning for your next big adventure? Take your time this weekend to check out some of the best deals available because NATAS Travel Fair is back! Happening from 11–13 Aug at Suntec Convention Halls 3 & 4, the fair promises a fantastic time for everyone! We were among the first few to roam around the fair when the shutters were drawn up, and here’s what we found:

An arsenal of travel deals

What’s a travel fair without awesome travel deals? Arm yourselves with some of the best bargains as you prepare for your next vacation! Regardless of your age group or travelling companions, there’s bound to be something for everyone. You can choose from travel packages around Asia or perhaps tours that take you all the way to Europe and beyond. For those who would like to explore the oceans and sail the seven seas, head straight to the booths of cruise specialists such as Costa Cruises or Dream Cruises.

VR experience

Get your very own VR Experience at the fair! Several booths are offering VR simulations for visitors to get a first-hand experience of what they can offer. At Royal Caribbean International’s booth, visitors can be transported onto a Royal Caribbean cruise ship and have a go at their virtual cruising experience! Through the VR, explore the ship’s iconic entertainment, accommodation and dining options that are offered on board.

Done with cruising? Next stop: a flight. Finnair offers a VR experience too; simply put on the headset to experience the new A350 and rediscover the thrill of flying! Get a sense of the spacious cabin, in-flight entertainment system and the onboard menu that the aircraft has to offer!

Cultural exchange

In NATAS fair, you’ll find yourself traversing time zones and moving from country to country as you play music with the Fijian people and try on the Korean hanbok or the Japanese kimono. The travel fair features booths that have been designed meticulously, displaying the speciality and icon of the different countries. After all, NATAS Fair is all about travel.

Whether or not you have a destination in mind for your next holiday, come on down to the NATAS Fair this weekend because travel inspirations (and deals) abound. But before you go, browse through the brochures and promotions available for NATAS Fair on

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