These Are The 10 Rules of Flying Nobody Talks About

These Are The 10 Rules of Flying Nobody Talks About

Think you’ve got your airplane etiquette down? Look through our list of unspoken rules and think again.

You’re on a plane, comfortably tucked into your seat, ready to nap for an hour or two, and then you a) smell something really bad, b) feel someone kick your seat, or c) both. Then your realize the person next to you has their shoes off and there’s a restless kid sitting behind you, and start to wonder: why do things like these still happen in 2018? Surely, everyone knows the silent rules of flying?

Not to alarm you, but no not everyone knows the don’ts of flying. And that’s understandable, given these rules aren’t officially confirmed. But as much as this topic is a grey area, there are a few things that we’re pretty sure most travellers can agree on. Curious to see how well you know your airplane etiquette? Find out from our list of 10 unspoken rules of flying.

1. Don’t take off your shoes in the plane

Just don’t. Unless you have the entire row to yourself, or unless you’re completely sure your feet don’t stink, keep your shoes on. Nobody wants to smell your sweaty, smelly feet or even worse: see your bare feet or horrifying case of athlete’s foot — not when they’re stuck on an airplane where the air smells bad enough.

2. Don’t half-stand when someone’s trying to leave their seat

Why would you put someone through the trouble of squeezing their way out? If you’re flying economy, you’re probably aware of how tight space is. Half-standing makes things difficult for not just the person leaving, but also everyone sitting in your row it’s awkward and invasive. There’s no way they’ll make it out without accidentally touching some part of your body.

3. Don’t ask a stranger to take care of your belongings

Even if they seem like an angel, or even if you’ve spoken to them and found out they’re killing time on a layover… Do not leave your belongings with them, because you don’t know them well enough! For all you know, they may just steal your items, leave them unattended or run off to their own flight after hearing an announcement. Also, quit making people feel bad for refusing to help! We all have our own plans.

4. Don’t hold up the queue at security and customs

Everyone has probably made this rookie traveller’s mistake before. Security checks have almost identical practices everywhere, regardless of which airport you’re at: have your passport and boarding pass in hand, remove your outerwear, place your electronic gadgets, liquids and gels in the trays. It won’t hurt to be a step ahead and to get ready earlier. Side note: don’t spread all your items out, and definitely don’t take your time packing.

5. Don’t cut the queue when alighting the plane

First of all, we totally understand the excitement you’re finally at your dream destination, you’re finally home, you’re finally going to get out of the claustrophobic plane. But there’s really no need to rush for your carry-on before the seatbelt sign’s even off, or try to butt your way to the front. Chances are, you’ll take longer to leave the plane! And remember, patience is a virtue so be a decent human being and let those before you go first.

6. Don’t listen to music out loud

You’ll be sad to know how many people don’t understand this rule. It’s really not that difficult: we don’t get to control our hearing. And guess what not everyone wants to hear your dubstep music, or gaming sound effects, or that never-ending dialogue from the movie you’re watching. Especially if it’s a long-haul flight or a night flight. So don’t be that person!

7. Don’t recline your seat unless your flight’s more than two hours long

Flying economy? We don’t have to tell you this, but reclining your seat restricts space for the person sitting behind you. Don’t get us wrong it’s totally reasonable to recline your seat if you’re on a long night flight! But if it’s less than two hours, or when it’s meal time, it’s time to pull that seat back and be the most considerate human being you can be.

8. Don’t be a jerk to parents or airline staff

Not all travellers know this, but every parent has to deal with the dirty looks they’ll get upon boarding the plane with a kid in their arms. So keep in mind that they’re trying their best to distract the little ones and keep them from screaming at the top of their lungs. The next time a five year-old kicks the back of your seat, remember that losing your temper at them, their parents, or sometimes even the airline staff (who have a job to do) contributes absolutely nothing to the situation.

9. Don’t hog the restroom

There are only so many restrooms on one plane we all know this. So remember to pay the restroom a visit before boarding, and if you’re someone who can’t hold it in during a long flight, choose an aisle seat. Think you ate something wrong and urgently need the restroom for a while? Make sure to inform a steward beforehand.

10. Don’t block the baggage conveyor belt

Everyone’s eager to collect their bags and go, so don’t block the view by standing right next to the conveyor belt! Keep a just-enough distance away from the belt where you can look out for your bags, and not block others from retrieving theirs. Easy as that.

And that’s it! Those are the ten unspoken rules of flying. If you felt called out after reading these rules, fret not take it as a wake-up call and lesson, and be the best traveller you can be on your next trip!

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