What Can I Buy With SGD 1 In Morocco

What Can I Buy With SGD 1 In Morocco

Morocco is a land of treasures, mystery and deliciously affordable food. Here's a list of yummies you can get in Morocco for just SGD 1.

Did you know that the Kingdom of Morocco in North Africa is about the same size as California? With vibrant cities, Atlantic and Mediterranean coastlines, rugged mountains and desert plains, Morocco is a land of treasures, mystery and delicious food. Moroccan cuisine is aromatic and tantalising, often making use of spices like saffron and paprika, and herbs like parsley and cilantro. So come on, take a peek, and see just how lip-smacking Moroccan cuisine is.

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Here’s a list of yummies you can get in Morocco for SGD 1:

1. One bowl of Babbouche (snail broth)

Source: marrakech-riad.co.uk

No, it’s not escargot but maybe even better! This peppery broth can be found along street stalls across the country. It has a unique blend of 15 different spices and the broth is believed to help with digestion and fever. Babbouche is popular amongst the locals, so why not try it yourself?

2. One bowl of Harira soup

Source: noteatingoutinny.com

Italy has Minestrone soup, Morocco has Harira. Harira is a traditional tomato and lentil soup that is particularly popular during the period of Ramadan. Families often serve it as a starter to break fast at suhoor (the pre-dawn meal) and/or iftar (the evening meal). It is cooked with fresh herbs like celery and parsley and seasoned with spices like ginger and pepper to leave you wanting more. Yum!

3. One bowl of Bessara soup

Source: deliciousistanbul.com

Fans of hummus, prepare your taste buds. Bessara is a simple, hearty dish traditionally eaten in Morocco during Passover. It can be served as a tangy dip that tastes similar to hummus, or thinned to become a classic Moroccan soup. The soup is a tasty mixture of fava beans, garlic, olive oil, cumin and chili flakes.

4. Seven pieces of Aubergine fritters

Source: edition.cnn.com

If you love fritters, this dish is definitely for you! Sliced eggplants are dipped in a sweet, smoky paprika batter and deep-fried to present a flavourful sensation to your taste buds. Crunchy on the outside and tender and juicy on the inside, you’ll find yourself having one after another, after another.

5. Seven coconut Ghoribas (Moroccan coconut cookies)

Source: moroccanfood.about.com

Coined as the “Moroccan macaroon”, Ghoribas are a popular street snack that combine coconut and semolina (a flour used to make pasta). The result is a chewy cookie that is both sweet and coconut-y. This traditional cookie has a gooey texture and a crisp crust that will leave you feeling satisfied.

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6. Two pieces of Chebakia cookies

Source: tastespotting.com

Yes, these are as complicated to make as they look. Chebakias, also known as mkharkas, are sesame cookies shaped to resemble a rose, fried and coated with honey. They are usually served during special occasions and during the period of Ramadan. Most Moroccan women will get the help of their sister, mother or friend when making these sweet delights in large quantities.

7. One cup of Nus-Nus

Source: princezofhearts.blogspot.sg

Some people drink Starbucks coffee, while others prefer Ya Kun. Why not have a sip of Nus-Nus? A cup of Nus-Nus, meaning “half-half”, is 50% coffee, 50% milk and 100% deliciously affordable. The local women love this drink, while the men seem to only drink it first thing in the morning. Regardless, it is definitely worth trying.

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8. Four prickly pears

Source: paperblog.fr

Don’t let the prickly exterior fool you, these fruits taste like raspberries or watermelon with a zest of kiwi fruit. Otherwise known as “cactus fruits”, prickly pears are the thorny fruits that grow on cactuses. They are filled with small seeds that you can choose to consume or spit out. Be careful not to bite the seeds though, as they are quite hard.

Source: agirlandherbackpackineurope.blogspot.sg

Upon purchase, the stall vendor will peel the pear for you, so no need to worry about touching the sharp thorns. Just relax and enjoy the sweet, succulent taste of this exotic fruit. Note: When ordering your fruits, make sure you listen carefully and get the prices right. A fellow traveller bought more prickly pears than he had bargained for. He had made a slightly embarrassing but oh so hilarious mistake that you can read about here.

9. One bag of olives

Source: gadventures.com

Like olives? You’ll love these stores selling olives in Morocco. Their range of olives is nearly endless, with olives of all sizes, colours and spices available; you name it, they’ve got it. For SGD 1, you can get a whole bag of these. Enjoy!

10. One kg of fresh produce

Source: gormanfarmfreshproduce.com

Need ingredients to start on your own culinary adventure? Well, you can get a large amount of fresh food at a cheap price in Morocco. We’re talking one whole kilogram of carrots, potatoes, onions or oranges here. While some fresh produce will come at a higher price than others, a lot of it is really, really cheap.

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Why not experience Morocco for yourself?

  1. There are no direct flights from Singapore to Morocco.
  2. The shortest flight is on Emirates, which will transit in Dubai. Total flight and transit time takes around 18 hours.
  3. The time difference between Singapore and Morocco is -7 hours (Singapore is 7 hours ahead in terms of time).


  1. Disclaimer: These prices are estimations. Prices vary across Morocco, and at times, your bargaining skills.
  2. Special thanks to Aida Azlin, founder of The Shawl Label, for her help. She is a Singaporean currently living and based in Morocco.

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