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What Can I Buy With SGD 1 In India

When in India, here are the things that you can buy with SGD 1. Local food, interesting items and even a haircut service can be enjoyed at a very low price.

taj mahal

Would You Want to Travel to India?

If you’re travelling to India soon without much knowledge of what it’s really like, here are some insights from someone who's been in your shoes.


What You Can Buy With SGD 1 In Nepal

From non-vegetarian dishes to delightful street snacks, Nepal offers a variety of deliciously affordable food. Here's what you can enjoy for just SGD 1.

currencies in the world

Top 10 Prettiest Currencies in the World

Aside from its monetary value, a currency also holds the historical and cultural identity of a country. Check if your currency is included in the list of top 10 prettiest currencies in...