A Peek into Robot Restaurant – Tokyo’s Wackiest Show

A Peek into Robot Restaurant – Tokyo’s Wackiest Show

Looking for a night to remember the next time you’re in Japan? Head to the Robot Restaurant in Kabukicho, Tokyo for an extraordinary entertainment experience like no other!

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It’s dusk in Kabukicho, neon lights come on and start their flickering into the night, creating a dazzling sea of colours as passers-by cross beneath. Known as “the sleepless town”, Kabukicho is Tokyo’s biggest entertainment and red-light district, housing renowned izakayas, themed cafes, love hotels and of course, the headline-making Robot Restaurant. With some raving and others frowning upon it as a tourist trap, Robot Restaurant has gained itself reviews from opposite ends of the spectrum. There is, however, one thing showgoers will agree on – it’s definitely the wackiest show you’ll ever watch.

What to expect?

Pre-show Area

Your journey starts at the pre-show area, which is a room donned with gold and silver shimmery bling bling, mirrors (even on the floor!) and tiny dotted lights in colours of every possible hue.

Pre-show Area – Armchairs

Swivel in the massive armchairs and take in the scene of what resembles the interior of an overly-dramatic futuristic spaceship before you descend a technicolour stairwell, into a whole other world…

The show begins!

Image credit: (left): Richard Schneider; (right) Josh Holmes

Welcome to the Robot Restaurant, a pyrotechnics show where Godzilla, bright lights, sequin bikini-clad women and heart-pumping numbers collide. Yes, it is called Robot Restaurant but the highlight really is the show and not so much of the food so we’d recommend dining elsewhere, amidst Tokyo’s myriad of superb eats.

robot restaurant tokyo

Image credit: daisy.images

As you enter the main show area, the first thing you’ll notice is how tiny the hall is. Located within a basement in Tokyo’s sleepless town, Robot Restaurant’s stage appears meek and dull, somewhat like a backstage of a massive theatre. But this place will soon come alive, transcending your imagination and electrifying its 100-seater audience.

(left) Laser show; (right) Kungfu Panda rides an oversized cow

Laser strobes dart from every direction, Kung Fu Panda rides a mammoth cow into battle as theatrical fog fills the room. Throughout the show, performers dance atop stylish floats to the beat of roaring Japanese techno. There isn’t quite a storyline to the production but that doesn’t matter because the very reason why one visits Robot Restaurant is to bask in its non-stop energy and insanely queer acts!

robot restaurant tokyo

Image credit: Cory Doctorow

For the next two hours, the brilliantly choreographed chaos envelops the crowd and you’ll probably find yourself muttering “what is going on” countless times, with your mouth agape in confusion. But don’t worry, your mind, eyes and ears get a break from the madness during the multiple intermissions. Use the intermissions to buy popcorn to munch on and ease your bladder because the wackiness only amplifies each time the show resumes and you definitely won’t want to miss a second of it!

Quick Tips

Special Halloween float

The Robot Restaurant has experienced continued success since swinging open its doors in 2012. It is ALWAYS packed, so make sure to book your tickets early online to avoid being turned away!

To enjoy special performances, go during festive periods as exclusive stunts, costumes and decor are paraded. When I was there, I got to witness special Halloween floats, like this giant Jack’ O Lantern pumpkin.

Should I go?

robot restaurant tokyo

Image credit: Steven Tan

With sights akin to a psychedelic whirlpool, Robot Restaurant is not for everyone. If you don’t enjoy boisterous banging, excessive pulsing strobe lights and shows with little to no plot then spend your money elsewhere. But if you’re open for a new, close-up cyborg and unquestionably eye-popping experience, be sure to head down!


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