Former Nintendo Headquarters To Reopen As Hotel In Kyoto, Japan!

Former Nintendo Headquarters To Reopen As Hotel In Kyoto, Japan!

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The Japanese are not ones to waste a good building. In fact, they’re not ones to waste anything at all, especially if something can still be put to good use. In this respect, Plan Do See, a Tokyo based company specialising in renovation, is turning the former Nintendo headquarters in Kyoto into a hotel, with the help of Tadao Ando Architect and Associates.Also read: Top 10 Places For Kimono Rental In Kyoto

The hotel has no official name yet, but they are planning to launch it in the summer of 2021. Much of the original Nintendo headquarters still stands, along with the bilingual “Nintendo Playing Card Co.” signs. Though only a few details have been released, we know that Plan Do See will appoint the HQ turned hotel with approximately 20 guest rooms, a restaurant, bar, gym, and spa. It will also prove a convenient location for travellers to stay at because it’s only two blocks away from Kamogawa River, and walking distance from Shichijo Station, Shoseien Garden, and Higashi Honganji Temple

The history behind the Nintendo headquarters

Nintendo, a game company which we have all been familiar with since childhood, was founded in 1889 by Fusajiro Yamauchi. He began the company by manufacturing traditional Japanese playing cards called hanafuda. Later, he would add Western-style playing cards among Nintendo’s products. This would explain the bilingual sign, outside the former 1933 HQ building, which everyone can still see today.

Today’s Nintendo headquarters in Kyoto | Image credit: Moja~commonswiki

As the business expanded to children’s toys and video games, it was only natural that the company would relocate to a bigger space. Hence, the 1933 four-storey Nintendo headquarters was abandoned in 1959. This was the same time Nintendo was established as one of the most successful entertainment media companies in the world.

The former Nintendo headquarters’ bilingual sign | Image credit: Smuckola

Fast forward to today, the building’s asset management is making sure that the historical relevance of the establishment is preserved. According to them, “The former headquarters will be utilised as a hotel in order to leave behind a historically significant structure.”

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When I first heard that the Nintendo headquarters was going to be renovated, I thought that this could be a chance for Nintendo to have a Nintendo-themed hotel. What better way to establish the building’s significance? I’m sure other gamers are also at the edge of their seats waiting for this to happen. However, let’s not get too ahead of ourselves. We have to wait and see where this is going. So, let’s keep our eyes open for updates!

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