7 Minimalist Work Desks to Spruce Up Your Home Office

7 Minimalist Work Desks That Will Spruce Up Your Home Office

For flexible desks that can transition smoothly between work and leisure.

Sheltering at home has forced many of us to take a long, hard look at our surroundings and go, “This won’t do.” If becoming a digital nomad and freelancing from beautiful destinations isn’t in the cards right now, the second-best way to shake off work-from-home burnout is to turn your home into a place where you can thrive. From Scandinavian-style office tables to artisan writing desks, everything starts with a well-designed workspace. Or shall we say, a space that sparks joy

When it comes to picking out work desks for your home office, minimalism is key. Nothing too loud or audacious that will steal your attention; otherwise, you won’t get any work done at all. The good news is that you don’t have to break the bank to transform your space into a shining beacon of productivity. Check out these minimalist work desks for your dream WFH corner, below.

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Minimalist work desks that you can buy online

1. A slim and versatile teak wood console table

A durable work desk is an essential piece of furniture for any home office. But when the work week is over and it’s time to chill, what you really want is a versatile desk that lets you slide into weekend mode like butter. From the tropical-inspired furniture collection of Island Living comes the Teak Console, a stunning console table that will bring carefree vibes into any home. 

Designed to be a multi-purpose desk, the Teak Console allows you to get creative with decorations. Turn it into a sleek bar in the evening or dress it up with your favourite ornamental pieces. This console table is built to fit in narrow and ultra-tight spaces as well, which makes it ideal for apartment living. 

Where to buy: Island Living, S$395

2. A flexible work desk with adjustable height

Struggling with neck pain or bad posture? Finding the right desk height is crucial for every remote worker. Not just for productivity, but because your health has long-lasting consequences for your career. Get yourself an ergonomic table like the Flight™ PRO Desk, an efficient work desk that makes things more comfortable at work by reducing the risk of musculoskeletal disorders. 

One of the most efficient work desks for any home office, this piece of furniture comes with a quiet double motor and a controller that lets you adjust the height of the desk to your convenience. Customers appreciate its sturdy build and round corners, too. (Have you ever accidentally bumped into a table with pointy edges? We have. Never again!) 

Available in black, white, and zebra finishes, the Flight™ PRO is tailor-made for any remote worker who spends several hours in a day hunched over a computer. If you find it more empowering to use it as a standing desk, more power to you. 

Where to buy: Lazada Singapore, S$623.04

3. A modular writing table and bookshelf that lets you tap into your creativity

When you’re forced to spend so much of your day in one place, it can gradually become a place you dread. But not this desk. The BRYAN Modern Modular Shelf Office Writing Table from Urban Mood combines an office table and a bookshelf into one aesthetically pleasing nook. It’s ideal for bibliophiles and creative professionals who want their favourite reads within reach. 

You can line the sturdy shelves with cherished paperbacks, tape or hang colourful prints on the walls, or throw in some fun with potted plants or travel-themed memorabilia. Be it in white or walnut paint, these Pinterest-worthy desks add charm and DIY vibes to any home office.

Where to buy: Lazada Singapore, S$200

4. A modern and minimalist wooden table that’s easy to assemble

For a simple computer table without a hefty price tag, this modern and minimalist wooden table offers a budget-friendly alternative for your home office. Made of durable wood and a steel frame, this is a no-fuss work desk that provides heavy-weight support for your computer and a smooth surface that’s easy to clean. That you won’t have to rack your brain to figure out how to assemble this desk is another bonus. 

Where to buy: Lazada Singapore, S$64.15

5. A rolling work table that allows you to work anywhere

If your home office is actually your bed (no judgment here), we have great news for you. Some of your best work can be accomplished even before you roll out of your pajamas; all you need is a movable laptop table with wheels like the Y1 Computer/Laptop Table from Easyhome.sg. It doesn’t hurt that it comes at an affordable price, too. 

Doubling as a laptop table and a bedside table, it embraces the flexibility of working from home — and by that, we mean having addictive snacks nearby so that you can dine al desko. This way, you can switch from answering emails in the daytime and binge-watching your favourite Netflix or Disney Plus series in the evening without breaking a sweat. 

Where to buy: Lazada Singapore, S$32.50

6. An artisan writing desk that draws inspiration from nature

Groundbreaking ideas need a beautiful place to take off. That’s where the d-Bodhi Artisan Writing Desk comes in. Handcrafted from sleek iron and reclaimed teak wood, this thoughtfully designed table reimagines the classic writing desk with a rustic touch. The high-quality wood is sourced from traditional Javanese houses in the remote villages of East Java, Indonesia.  

Doubling as a minimalist piece of furniture and an eye-catching statement piece, this work desk from d-Bodhi is an ode to Southeast Asian craftsmanship. It’s available online on Journey East, a furniture store that curates vintage, industrial, and modern designer furniture in Singapore. 

Where to buy: Journey East, S$1,089 

7. A modern white office desk that goes with any room

It’s impossible to talk about minimalism without our thoughts drifting to IKEA. If you’re not a huge fan of bulky furniture, the HAUGA Desk blends in effortlessly with its environment while allowing you to maximise the space you have. It comes with a compartment for easy storage as well. 

As can be expected from the fan-favourite of Swedish furniture, the HAUGA Desk espouses simple living to free your mind of distractions. What’s more, the actual set-up looks so tidy and pristine that it discourages the very idea of clutter. We’re already thinking of setting it up next to the window to catch some sunlight for inspiration. 

Where to buy: IKEA Singapore, S$149

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Quaran-trends come and go, but the joy of redecorating our homes is here to stay. Of these work desks, which one will you be taking home to redecorate your home office? Let us know in the comments of our official Facebook page; we’d love to hear your thoughts and personal recommendations! 

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