7 March Holiday Destinations Less Than 2 Hours From Singapore

7 Short Getaways From Singapore for the March Holiday Period

This works for any school break or long weekend, too.

Have yet to find your holiday destination for the March school break next week? We’ve rounded up the best nearby family-friendly destinations that are under two hours away from Singapore — giving you and your little ones the ideal, last-minute getaway solution. 

1. Bintan Island – Indonesia

For a quick yet luxurious getaway, head to the scenic Bintan Island. Spend your entire holiday in your all-inclusive resort of choice, which comes with a full board of meals, amenities, and entertainment to keep everyone — regardless of age — occupied. 

Duration from Singapore: One-hour ferry ride

2. Batam Island – Indonesia

batam ferry

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While Batam Island has its own share of resorts too, this island in Indonesia focuses more on affordability and a glimpse into local life at night markets and shopping malls. Not to mention, there are plenty of places by the coast where you can dig into fresh seafood!

Duration from Singapore: 45- to 70-minute ferry ride

3. Melaka – Malaysia

Prefer going on a road trip? Just a four-hour drive from Singapore, the historic city of Melaka offers a blend of colonial-era Portuguese and Dutch architecture and an impressive street food scene. 

Have some time to spare? An hour’s drive away from the city is A’Famosa Resort, a family-friendly hotel with its own safari wonderland and water park! 

Duration from Singapore: One-hour flight to KL followed by a two-hour drive; or a four-hour drive

4. Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia

Looking for a home away from home? Choose the bustling metropolis of Kuala Lumpur as your March holiday destination. With your selection of hotels, city must-dos, plus shopping and dining experiences, you’ll feel as if you’re in the equally exciting Singapore. 

Besides, with a throng of family-friendly attractions like Aquaria KLCC, Sunway Lagoon Theme Park, and Zoo Negara, your little ones are sure to be entertained! 

Duration from Singapore: One-hour flight or five-hour drive

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5. Johor – Malaysia

Of course, you can’t mention last-minute March holiday destinations without adding Johor to the list. Aside from Johor Bahru’s affordable shopping and dining options, be sure to visit LEGOLAND Malaysia for a holiday that your little ones will enjoy. 

Further east is another popular family-friendly spot: Desaru Coast. You’ll find many resorts here, and of course, a massive waterpark, too! 

Duration from Singapore: One-hour drive to LEGOLAND; Two-hour drive to Desaru Coast

6. Cameron Highlands – Malaysia

march holiday destinations

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Using this time to escape into a holiday of peace and quiet? With its lush greenery and tea and strawberry farms, Cameron Highlands is your answer to a March holiday destination. The cool temperature will make you feel as if you’re further away from Singapore, and there are animal and floral parks to keep little ones entertained. 

Duration from Singapore: One-hour flight to KL followed by a three-hour drive; or a six-hour drive

7. Genting Highlands – Malaysia

Finally, to enjoy both the cool weather and non-stop fun, head to Genting Highlands! With two amusement parks — indoor and outdoor — and a giant outlet mall, you’ll be kept excited and entertained, regardless of the weather. 

Duration from Singapore: One-hour flight to KL followed by a one-hour drive; or a four-hour drive

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In any case, these March holiday destinations will work with any last-minute holiday plans; any long weekend or need for a break will make this list handy! 

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