Malaysia VEP Vehicle Entry Permit (Updates)

Malaysia VEP Vehicle Entry Permit (Updates)

Starting 1 October 2019, Singapore-registered vehicles will require a Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP) when entering Malaysia. Failure to do so, will see motorists pay a fine of RM150 (S$49.30).

VEPs are tamper-proof radio frequency identification (RFID) tags containing information which identifies each vehicle. They are installed and displayed on Singapore-registered vehicles entering Malaysia via Kompleks Sultan Abu Bakar in Tanjung Kupang (Tuas Checkpoint) and Bangunan Sultan Iskandar in Johor Baru (Woodlands Checkpoint).

A VEP tag costs RM10 (S$3.30) and are valid for five years. While the tags are usually attached to the windshield, authorities may attach it to the headlamp for certain cars.

Singaporean motorists can only register for their VEPs online via this address: Those who register before the October 1 deadline and haven’t collected their VEP tags will not be penalised during checks, if they produce the confirmation of registration to authorities.

The full VEP registration steps are as follows:

  1. Log on to and create an account
  2. On the application page, upload the PDF file of your vehicle registration – get it here.
  3. Download the Touch N’ Go eWallet via the App Store or Google Play Store. This step will see you link your account to the VEP-RFID tag.
  4. Make an appointment to collect your VEP tag via the official VEP portal (there are four available collection points in Johor Bahru)

There are makeshift container offices at each collection point for the process, which will not exceed two hours.

Motorists will need to present the following to collect their VEP tags:

  1. VEP confirmation slip
  2. VEP-RFID tag appointment slip
  3. Photocopy of passport
  4. Copy of your latest insurance cover note
  5. LTA vehicle registration documents

Some locations like Gelang Patah Southbound R&R may hold on to your documents, while others will return them to you straight away.

While there are reports suggesting that VEPs are only for Singapore-registered cars, the Malaysian Transport Ministry has indicated that it will include vehicles registered in Thailand, Brunei and Indonesia across two more phases.

More updates to follow…

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