Netflix K-Drama 'Little Women' Has Multiple Filming Locations in Singapore

Netflix K-Drama ‘Little Women’ Features Multiple Filming Locations in Singapore

See if you can recognise these landmarks.

First airing on 3 Sep 2022, Little Women is one of Netflix’s most recent K-dramas. Loosely based on a novel of the same name, the series stars (who and who) and tells the tale of three sisters who grew up in poverty but now find themselves entangled in a court case against the wealthiest family in South Korea.

If you’ve been watching Little Women on Netflix, you may have recognised some familiar sights. That’s because the K-drama features some scenes that were filmed at some of the iconic locations in Singapore!

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Where was Little Women filmed in Singapore?

If you watched the trailer, you’d immediately have noticed multiple filming locations across Singapore. It features an aerial shot of Singapore’s brilliant skyline, Marina Bay Sands, in the beginning, followed by Singapore’s iconic Fullerton Hotel. Eagle-eyed viewers may also have spotted the bustling Robinson Road in the trailer too! 

According to the trailer, the drama will also feature some scenes that were filmed at Corals at Keppel Bay, a condominium with stunning views of the bay area. Some residents were informed to travel through the basement carpark on certain days. I guess now we know why! 

During filming, many Singaporeans also reportedly spotted Wi Ha Jun at various locations throughout Singapore. He even shared photos of himself at Universal Studios Singapore on 13 Jul 2022

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Whether you’re a fan of K-Dramas, it is an exciting prospect for the show to feature some of Singapore’s iconic locations. Will you be staying tuned to Little Women so you can catch the scenes featuring Singapore’s famous locations? 

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