Bridgerton Filming Locations: 23 Places in England Where It Was Shot

Where Was ‘Bridgerton’ Filmed? Here Are the Real-Life Locations From Seasons 1 & 2

In case you'd like to relive all that drama from Regency Era London.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, it’s almost impossible for you to not have heard of Bridgerton: arguably the greatest gift we received towards the end of 2020. Premiering exactly on Christmas Day, this lavish Netflix period drama spiced up an otherwise uneventful holiday season. While many have dubbed it as a “Gossip Girl meets Pride & Prejudice, with a hint of The Bachelorette” — it’s certainly in a league of its own. 

For starters, it’s produced by the Shonda Rhimes, aka the same brains behind other hit shows like Scandal and Grey’s Anatomy. Aside from that, Bridgerton broke records as one of the most-watched Netflix series! For those who are long done binge-watching (like yours truly), you’re probably wondering where the show’s iconic scenes were shot. Alternatively, if you haven’t seen it yet, perhaps these Bridgerton filming locations will convince you to finally get on the hype train! 

Fair warning: Spoilers ahead! Proceed with caution if you haven’t finished watching the series yet. 

Note: This article was originally published in January 2021. It has been updated to include Bridgerton Season 2 filming locations

Most notable Bridgerton filming locations

From palaces and countryside estates, to verdant parks and other historic sites!

1. Royal Crescent

Image credit: nigel battrick via Canva Pro

Who can forget the show’s opening scene, where the enigmatic Lady Whistledown narrates the beginning of the 1813 London debutante season? Here, we get a bird’s eye view of (what’s supposed to be) Grosvenor Square in the affluent Mayfair district. But in Bridgerton, the Royal Crescent in Bath was used to mimic the actual place. As the name suggests, it comprises a row of 30 lavish townhouses laid out in a sweeping crescent. 

Image credit: Mike Peel

The iconic among these 18th-century townhouses would be No. 1 Royal Crescent: now a museum featuring historic furniture and other objects that offer a sneak peek into the lives of Bath’s aristocrats during those times. It appears in the series as the filming location of the Featherington House exterior. 

2. Ranger’s House

Image credit: chrisdorney via Canva Pro

This Georgian villa adjacent to Greenwich Park in London is probably the most sought after among Bridgerton filming locations. After all, it served as the exterior for Bridgerton House. Although, we hate to break it to you — you won’t find any lovely purple wisteria adorning the structure, should you visit it IRL! Still, Ranger’s House is worth checking out, as it houses a remarkable collection of over 700 works of art that even the talented Benedict Bridgerton would approve of. 

3. Halton House

Image credit: Green Baron

We first see Halton House during the pilot episode as the interior of Bridgerton House; specifically, the staircase scene where Eloise Bridgerton yells at her sister Daphne to make haste, and we see the main protagonist for the first time. It was also the filming location for the dining room of the Featherington House, as well as for other British regal shows like The Crown and Downton Abbey! But when it’s not making an appearance in such TV shows, it functions as a mess hall of the RAF Halton: a Royal Air Force base in Buckinghamshire

4. Stowe Landscape Garden

Image credit: Daderot

In case you were wondering, the real-life Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens in London no longer exists. Still, you can visit the fictional version from the Bridgerton Season 1: the Temple of Venus in Stowe Landscape Garden, a sprawling English Baroque park in Buckinghamshire. This is where the ritzy garden party in the pilot episode took place. You know, the one where Simon Basset and Daphne struck that first arrangement. (Yes, that one where he tells her to stare into his eyes!)

5. Castle Howard

Image credit: Leonid Andronov via Canva Pro

Remember Clyvedon Estate, where Simon and Daphne went for their honeymoon? Yep, of course, we all do… for obvious reasons. Anyway, exteriors for the country manor, as well as some interiors, were shot at Castle Howard in York. At the same estate is The Temple of the Four Winds, which was the filming location for that rainy love scene, with an instrumental cover of Taylor Swift’s Wildest Dreams playing in the background.

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6. Wilton House

Image credit: Herry Lawford

As for Hastings House, A.K.A. Simon’s London abode, you can check out its real-life exterior at Wilton House: a country home near Salisbury belonging to the Earls of Pembroke for over 400 years now. Although, nowadays only a third of the house serves as a primary residence, while the rest is open to the public! 

That said, its interiors were also the filming location of the grand hall of Lady Danbury’s house. Oh, and the throne room where Queen Charlotte would usually be at? That’s the Single Cube Room, also inside Wilton House! And in case you’re wondering where else you’ve seen the place, it also appeared in other female-centric period dramas like Pride & Prejudice, Emma, and The Young Victoria

7. Painshill

Throughout the show, we see London’s aristocrats taking many walks — or shall we say promenade? — around perfectly manicured parks like the Royal Botanic Gardens and Primrose Hill. And if we’re being honest, looking at such Bridgerton filming locations at a time when we’re supposed to mostly stay at home definitely makes us yearn for such scenery. So, once it’s safe to travel to the UK again, you might want to visit the show’s main promenade setting: Painshill, an 18th-century landscape garden in Surrey that was actually inspired by Renaissance paintings! 

8. Hampton Court Palace

Image credit: prestongeorge via Canva Pro

Wondering why the exterior of Queen Charlotte’s part-time residence, St. James Palace, looks super familiar? That’s because its filming location was Hampton Court Palace, now a famous tourist attraction in London, given that it was a favourite stay of the notorious King Henry VIII! 

In Season 2, it had quite a few more roles: the gardens for Buckingham House and Danbury Manor, as well as the outside of Chancery Lane Printing Press. Who couldn’t help but notice sparks flying when Eloise met her equally strong-willed love interest, Theo Sharpe?

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9. St. Mary’s Parish Church

Image credit (left): Jim Linwood

One of the pivotal points in Bridgerton Season 1 was Simon and Daphne’s wedding, albeit a shotgun one after the couple’s indiscretion threatened to damage their place in society. The intimate ceremony supposedly took place in St. George’s, Hanover Square — an Anglican church in the City of Westminster. Although, the interior filming location for this was actually at St. Mary’s Parish Church in Twickenham.

10. Dorney Court

Image credit: Kevin White

In between their wedding and honeymoon, Simon and Daphne spent the night at a coaching inn where they finally gave in to their, er, nuptial bliss. Should you wish to check out the place IRL, then head over to Dorney Court, a Tudor manor in Buckinghamshire. Oh, and did we mention that you can also rent this historical landmark for weddings and other private events? (Hint, hint!) 

11. Badminton House & Syon House

These two historic mansions were the filming locations for the Hastings House interiors. Badminton House in Gloucestershire isn’t really open to the public, although private tours and events can be arranged. Aside from Simon’s London residence, it’s also where interior scenes of Clyvedon Castle and Lady Danbury’s manor were filmed. 

Fun fact: Badminton House is a few minutes away from Highgrove House, i.e., the country residence of Prince Charles and Camilla. 

Meanwhile, Syon House is the London home of the Duke of Northumberland. It’s situated in the 200-acre Syon Park and is mostly open to the public. So, go ahead and look around the spectacular mansion and its surrounding gardens. And make sure to check out its Inner Courtyard, where the season finale ball scene took place! (Let’s just hope it doesn’t actually rain, though.) 

12. Holburne Museum

Ah, good ol’ Lady Danbury — the sharp and witty auntie that we wish we had! Is it even a surprise that Simon tends to visit the Danbury Manor quite often? Although, the fact that her abode is a sight to behold doesn’t either! It had more screen time in Bridgerton Season 2, when it became the temporary new home of the newcomers, Kate and Edwina Sharma. 

Wondering where you can marvel at the real-life location of its grand exterior? Look no further than the Holburne Museum in Bath. There, you’ll find the eclectic art collection of Sir William Holburne, a 19th-century naval officer.

13. Windsor Great Park

Image credit: don cload

Certainly among the most memorable Bridgerton Season 2 filming locations, this vast country park is where several Anthony-Kate scenes took place. Remember their, er, meet-cute on an early morning horse race? Or when they went to retrieve the pall-mall in the woods during a hilarious game with the Bridgerton siblings? Yup, such interesting times brimming with romantic tension. 

Spanning over 4,000 acres, there’s quite a lot to explore in Windsor Great Park. Who knows — you just might have a chance encounter with your very own The One, too! 

14. Wrotham Park

Bridgerton Season 2 filming locations

Image credit: Netflix

Like most aristocratic families, the Bridgertons spend most of the year in their country estate once the social season wraps up. In their case, it’s Aubrey Hall, which is certainly a welcome respite from drama-filled London. Luckily, we got to see this in Bridgerton Season 2, starting from that episode where the family invited the Sharmas and Lady Danbury for a mid-season getaway.

The IRL exterior of the Bridgertons’ ancestral seat is actually Wrotham Park in Hertfordshire. This Neo-Palladian mansion also appeared in British flicks like Bridget Jones’s Diary, Kingsman: The Secret Service, and The Gentlemen

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15. Wrest Park

Bridgerton Season 2 filming locations

Image credit: Karen Roe

Another setting for Aubrey Hall — specifically, the stunning gardens — is Wrest Park in Bedfordshire. Who could forget that scene where Kate got stung by a bee while talking to Anthony? Or when Lady Featherington orchestrated an “orangery tryst” between her daughter Prudence and the new Lord Featherington? One thing’s for sure: These gardens have a way of bringing out the characters’ most… intense side. 

16. St. James’s Church, Piccadilly

Even before being one of the notable Bridgerton Season 2 filming locations, St. James’s Church has served as a wedding venue for many aristocrats and public figures from various countries. Situated in the heart of London, you’ll likely remember this from Anthony and Edwina’s “eventful” wedding ceremony. And yes, after what felt like an eternity, it’s also where Anthony and Kate finally kissed! 

17. Basildon Park

Image credit: GiacomoReturned

We finally get to see the flashy Featheringtons throw their own ball — giving a much-needed bang to the season finale. Serving as the rear of Featherington House is Basildon Park, a lovely country estate in Berkshire. And since it was the final episode, best believe that many jaw-dropping moments unfolded!

For one, we see Lady Featherington’s impressive character development as she outsmarts the new Lord Featherington and basically exiles him back to America. It’s also where Anthony and Kate (again, finally!) professed their burning love — complete with fireworks in the background. 

Bridgerton Season 2 filming locations

Image credit: Netflix

Speaking of this fascinating couple of the season, remember when they, um, “got busy” in the garden of Bridgerton House? That one actually took place in Basildon Park, too! Specifically, the garden right next to the sprawling manor. Obviously, this is not a sign to try out “new things” when visiting that filming location, okay?

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Other places in England where Bridgerton was filmed

Now, on to the more underrated Bridgerton filming locations that equally deserve your attention, too!

18. Queen’s House

Image credit: AnnaDudek via Canva Pro

In real life, Somerset House functions as a massive arts centre overlooking the River Thames. It makes an appearance in the third episode, where the London aristocrats gather for some high art appreciation… and to rub elbows with the visiting Prince of Prussia! Serving as the Somerset House exterior was Queen’s House, a royal residence-turned-art museum in Greenwich borough

19. Somerley House

Meanwhile, the interiors of Somerset House were set in Somerley House, a country manor in Ringwood, Hampshire. And the new wing featured in the Bridgerton series, where Simon and Daphne nearly held hands (*gasp!*)? That would be Somerley’s Picture Gallery Room. Although, you might want to manage your expectations when you go there IRL, as the ceilings of the room aren’t as high as the digital effects made them appear. 

20. Pickled Greens

A few storefronts in Bath also became Bridgerton filming locations. First up is Pickled Greens, a family-run café on Abbey Street that served as Madame Delacroix’s atelier! In the show, it’s the place where the Regency-era ladies gather to order the finest ballgowns… and gossip with and/or about one another.

21. The Colombian Company

In the heart of Bath, there’s a charming speciality coffee shop called The Colombian Company. Its storefront makes a brief albeit memorable appearance in Bridgerton Season 1 as the Horse & Hop, aka that pub where Simon gets drunk — and eventually kicked out!

22. Bathrooms at No.5

Image credit: Netflix

And then back in London, specifically on Trim Street, is a bathroom supplies store called Bathrooms at No.5. It served as the storefront of Gunter’s Tea Shop, where Simon and Daphne had afternoon tea with a side of flirtation, as well as their short breakup. Although, a real-life version of this tea parlour did exist in Berkeley Square back in the 19th century! How cool is that?

23. Hackney Empire

Last but not the least, we have the Hackney Empire: an Edwardian Era theatre in Hackney borough in London. Its opulent Baroque auditorium served as the interior of the opera house where Anthony Bridgerton’s secret lover, Siena Rosso, regularly performed. 

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To take a page off Lady Whistledown’s book: Dear reader, if there are more Bridgerton filming locations, we shall uncover it.

Snappy quotes and references aside, we’re definitely over the moon upon finding out that the show is renewed for a second season! And while we can’t exactly visit these fascinating spots around England just yet, we’re definitely bookmarking these for future trips. How about you? 

Featured image credit: Somerley Estate Wedding & Events | Official Facebook Page 

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