Here’s Where You Can Find the Largest MUJI Store in the World

Here’s Where You Can Find the Largest MUJI Store in the World

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Our favourite minimalist household item store is opening its biggest branch yet. MUJI will officially launch a new flagship store and its largest outlet in Hiroshima. This shopping paradise will reportedly occupy 6,100 sqm over two floors! Customers can expect around 7,500 kinds of items that all celebrate the brand’s signature minimalist style, whether in furnishing, homeware, food, and skincare. 

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The largest MUJI store in the world

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Shoppers won’t have to wait that long because this much-awaited largest MUJI store is slated to open in April 2022 as part of the renovation in the Al Park shopping centre. The store will reportedly be located in Al Park’s west wing, where MUJI will take up 20% of the floor space. 

MUJI Al Park, the first-ever “Everything for Everyday Life” concept store in western Japan, aims to promote a healthy life with local residents. This is because Hiroshima prefecture is currently experiencing a rapid decline of population and where residents are ageing quickly. Hence, you can look forward to purchasing an array of hygiene products, clothes suitable for light exercise, and even massage oils in the largest MUJI store in the world. 

At the start of the year, MUJI also opened its first food-themed store in Ikebukuro. There, MUJI fans can buy assorted bento boxes and loads of healthy ingredients including seasonal fruits and soy products. Read more about it here

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largest muji store in the world

Is everyone raring to go back to Japan once borders reopen? Well, besides shopping in UNIQLO, you better add a visit to the largest MUJI store in the world to your itinerary!

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