This Charming Italian Village Will Let You Stay in Their Houses for Free

This Charming Italian Village Will Let You Stay in One of Their Homes for Free

Even better news: You can bring up to four people with you!

What’s better than Italian towns giving away their houses for as low as €1? Letting you stay there for free! Only two hours from Rome, the Italian village of San Giovanni in Galdo in Southern Italy is offering its vacant houses as free accommodation for travellers between July and October 2020! 

Without shelling out a single cent on lodging, travellers can spend an entire week in this charming village that appears to be frozen in time — just 40 minutes away from sweeping views of the Apennine Mountains and the Adriatic Sea. Here’s everything we know so far. 

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Why this Italian village is offering free accommodation

This Charming Italian Village Will Let You Stay in One of Their Homes for Free

San Giovanni in Galdo | Image credit: Comune di San Giovanni in Galdo Official Facebook Page

Located in the region of Molise, San Giovanni in Galdo is facing a depopulation crisis — a problem common to rural villages in Italy. As more Italian residents migrate to bigger cities such as Milan, the population in their hometowns starts to dwindle, and their houses are left closed and deserted for years. 

Hoping to find a better use for these vacant properties, local activist Enzo Luongo came up with the project called “Regalati il Molise” (“Give Yourself Molise”), which will allow travellers to experience the traditional Italian way of life by staying in these homes. 

In return, this initiative doesn’t ask for much. Only that visitors will bring life and activity back into San Giovanni in Galdo, and in doing so, establish the region as an exciting destination for travellers around the world.

The Province of Campobasso in Molise, where San Giovanni in Galdo is located

Accommodation expenses will be fully covered by the local community. Thankfully, this means that travellers can focus all their attention on enjoying the fascinating traditions, breathtaking sights, and delicious cuisine of the region! 

Running from 4 Jul 2020 to 3 Oct 2020, the project offers 40 stays for a duration of seven days each. 

How travellers can join the project

Interested in participating? All you have to do is complete an application form in Italian, explaining why you would like to spend a week in Molise here. Take note that only a maximum of five people can apply under one application form. 

Afterwards, send the form via email to the village’s cultural association at [email protected]. Then cross your fingers and hope you get picked for this free week-long holiday at a historic Italian village! 

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We can only imagine how quickly this opportunity will be snapped up by tourists rearing to travel again. In the meantime, stay tuned to our page for other travel initiatives coming your way soon! 

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