Italy the Most Searched Country For Post-Pandemic Holidays, Study Finds

Italy the Most Searched Country For Post-Pandemic Holidays, According to New Research

Meanwhile, Thailand, Japan, China, and the Philippines rank highest in Asia.

When the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic broke out, all eyes were initially on Italy as the country quickly became Europe’s epicentre of the virus early this year. We all watched as Italy struggled with the onslaught of the pandemic, foreshadowing what could possibly become of other nations too. But now that lockdown measures are easing and most of the world is slowly recovering, travel is gradually entering the fray once more. 

Recent research conducted by ESTA, which is the USA’s official travel authorisation system under the Department of Homeland Security, showed that travellers are, in fact, raring to visit Italy once it’s safe and permitted. To analyse the most searched for destinations post-pandemic, used Google Keyword Planner and punched in keyphrases such as “Flights to X” and “Holidays in X”. 

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The following global search volumes came out as of August 2020:

  1. Italy – 1,939,440
  2. The Maldives – 1,798,680
  3. Mexico – 1,722,360
  4. Thailand – 1,654,320
  5. Spain – 1,525,560
  6. Canada -1,509,480
  7. Greece – 1,468,440
  8. Turkey – 1,459,920
  9. Japan – 1,257,360
  10. Australia – 1,174,920
  11. China – 1,077,840
  12. New Zealand – 1,056,120
  13. Iceland – 959,160
  14. Croatia – 810,000
  15. The Philippines – 801,480
  16. Malta – 793,200
  17. Costa Rica – 775,680
  18. Cyprus – 732,480
  19. Barbados – 732,000
  20. Germany – 714,360

Does this list include certain places that are also on your bucket list? If it does, it looks like a lot more people from across the world are also thinking about spending their post-pandemic holidays in your dream destination! 

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These numbers also suggest that ambitious travellers could be planning their future holidays this early. That’s your cue to get your calendars out for your 2021 travel goals. Until then, stay at home and continue to follow safety protocols and social distancing measures. We’ll hopefully see the end of this pandemic sooner than later!

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