20 Photos that Prove Venice's Beauty is NOT Overrated

20 Photos that Prove Venice’s Beauty is NOT Overrated

Truly, Venice lives up to its name. It is the quite possibly the most beautiful city in the world – and these photos prove it.

Venice, Italy hardly needs an introduction, so I’ll try to keep things brief. This hyper-popular destination in the northeast of Italy gets trampled by crowds every single day of the year. Mid-afternoon, especially, is a crazy time to walk around in Venice.

Its popularity is justified, though. In my opinion, Venice is the most beautiful city in the world. Sure, there is kind of a hype surrounding it, but it truly is phenomenal. There’s just no other city like it.

With its countless canals, picturesque bridges, narrow cobbled streets and pastel-colored buildings, Venice is a photographer’s dream.

The best time to be in the city is (very) early in the morning—sunrise is gorgeous and exceptionally quiet. Sunsets aren’t too bad either, but that’s when most of the tourists are around as well. During the day, you can spend your time strolling the back streets of Venice, getting wonderfully lost, or heading out for a boat ride to one of the surrounding islands. Burano with its colourful fishermen’s houses is particularly recommended.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Venice is filled with historic highlights and architectural attractions. You could easily spend a whole week in the city, visiting museums and churches, eating seafood pasta and people-watching along a waterfront.

It’s one of the world’s greatest urban destinations. Scroll down for some photographic impressions of Venice and consider booking a flight to Europe!

1. Gondolas on the Grand Canal

2. Golden sunset in Venice

3. St. Mark’s Square is arguably Venice’s main tourist attraction

4. The Bridge of Sighs, one of the most iconic bridges in the city

5. Typical Venetian scene, buildings along the Grand Canal

6. Pigeons resting on a lamppost

7. Boat traffic on Venice’s Grand Canal

8. Scenic dining along the small canal

9. Gorgeous pastel colours

10. Details of the Palazzo Ducale

11. Dusk descends on Venice

12. Pinks and purples along the typically Venetian canal

13. Hundreds of tourists at St. Mark’s Square

14. People enjoying a sunset gondola ride

15. Gondolas queueing to get onto the Grand Canal

16. Nicolo Tommasea statue at Campo Santo Stefano

17. A lonely gondolier on the Grand Canal at sunset

18. Gorgeous canal

19. A vaporetto, or waterbus, commutes down the Grand Canal

20. View of the San Giorgio Maggiore Church

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