Italy Can Pay for A Portion of Your Travels to Sicily: Here Are The Details!

Here’s How Sicily, Italy Can Pay for A Portion of Your Travels in Their Region!

Sicily has a low count of COVID-19 cases compared to other Italian regions too.

To date, Italy has been the most hard-hit country with the highest death count in Europe amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. As of writing, there are 229,858 confirmed cases and 32,785 deaths in the nation. The good news is, Italy’s COVID-19 cases have already peaked; with the number of cases going down each day, the country is slowly easing its national lockdown and reopening services, including tourist spots. 

Italy’s travel industry makes 13% of the country’s GDP. Tourism officials are working hard to restart Italy’s travel industry as quick and as safe as possible. Meanwhile, the autonomous, Mediterranean island of Sicily has already devised a plan where they subsidise part of tourists’ travel expenses during their stay on the island! If you’re interested to travel to Sicily this year or the next, read on!

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Here’s what to know and what you should do


Sicily, Italy is planning to pay half of the price of your plane ticket and pay for one of every three nights you stay at a hotel. Aside from this, you will be given free entry to museums and archaeological sites. The regional government is investing €50 million in this initiative to revive its local tourism. 

The project is officially called “Empty for Full” and the offers can be availed via vouchers. The distribution will take place after Italy reopens its borders. Once this happens, standby to acquire your voucher from the island’s official website, Visit Sicily! Remember, the vouchers will only be released once the Italian government deems it’s safe for everyone.

According to Sicily’s tourism director, Manlio Messina, “There will be 400,000 vouchers for discounts and giveaways to encourage holiday-makers who, despite coronavirus fears, decide to go to the island.” So it looks like the vouchers will be limited; that’s why it won’t hurt to bookmark their website starting now!

As of writing, Sicily only has 3,423 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 268 deaths. When Italy finally reopens its borders, we assume Sicily will generally be safer than other commercialised regions in Italy affected by the pandemic, such as Tuscany where you’ll find Florence, Lazio where you’ll find Rome, and Lombardy where you’ll find Milan

What to see in Sicily

Scala Dei Turchi

Sicily is the largest island region in the Mediterranean Sea. It’s made up of a beautiful blend of Roman, Greek, and Arab influences. Among the many must-visits on the island are its archaeological sites like the Necropolis of Pantalica, the Valley of the Temples, Selinunte, including a historical town called Erice

Sicily also has seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Among them are Mount Etna, one of the most active volcanoes in the world, and the baroque towns of Val di Noto, which are said to reflect the ultimate culmination of baroque art in Europe. Visit the romantic towns of Catania, Modica, and Ragusa while soaking up the sunny climate of Sicily!

That said, don’t forget to hit the beach. Sicily has more beaches than any other Italian region, and the waters are warm from May to October. The best beaches are said to be Cefalù, Scala Dei Turchi, Torre Salsa, and Isola Bella, among other sun-drenched shorelines! 

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So, what about it? When all is safe and travel bans are lifted, are you going to take the chance to travel to Italy at a cheaper price? Offers like this don’t come every day! 

But while we’re waiting for Italy to give its go signal to Sicily, make sure you’re healthy and that you continue to support your local initiatives in combatting the COVID-19 pandemic. The more we support our frontliners, the sooner the world will be free of the pandemic! 

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