Fashionista Jinna Tours Europe With Lifesize Cutout of Her Dad

Fashionista Jinna Tours Europe With Lifesize Cutout of Late Dad

This could be a way to get over your losses and grieves. When Jinna lost her father to cancer, she decided to travel around Europe with her life-size cardboard dad.

Get your tissues ready because this is one story that will make your heart swell and your eyes watery.

A little too accomplished for people her age, Jinna held an awesome job, lived in an extravagant apartment and enjoyed an enviable relationship with her long term boyfriend, but everything went on a downward spiral when her dad fought a losing battle against cancer.

For two years, Jinna was anything beside herself. She would lie in bed the entire day and wait for death to claim her wretched soul. Her hopeful dreams for the future and clear goals in life were instantly dashed. She reached the bottom-most pit when the love of her life showered her with a bucket of lukewarm concern.

When her grief began to impact her health by the appearances of many bald patches all over her head, she decided to start anew, but first, she needed to overcome her biggest challenge – getting over with her dad’s passing. With that in mind, Jinna sold 80% of her overflowing closet for extra cash, quit her job and bought a one-way ticket to Europe together with her life-sized cardboard cutout of her dad.

Blue Lagoon in Iceland

Duomo in Florence, Italy

Colosseo in Rome, Italy

Eiffel Tower in Paris, France

Geysir in Iceland

Gullfoss Waterfall in Iceland

Italian Riviera in Levanto, Italy

Le Louvre in Paris, France

Leaning tower in Pisa, Italy

Akogafoss Waterfall in Iceland

St. Paul’s Cathedral in London, United Kingdom

Her daring action has brought about peace on her family and herself, and we’re happy that they are gradually walking out of the dark time.

Her story has commenters left bashful remarks, criticising that the photos were a hoax done by photoshop tools to gain sympathy points. Regardless of the authenticity of the photographs, there is no denying of her intention – to fulfil her late father’s regret of not travelling the world.

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Image credits: Grease & Glamour


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