My Hilarious Attempts to Be a Korean Local in Seoul

My Hilarious Attempts to Be a Korean Local in Seoul

Travel like a Korean local in Seoul and create fun memories you will treasure for life.

An early disclaimer, this will be a throwback post since it was March 2012 when I’d been to South Korea. But those memories I cherished so much are still in my mind that I want to share some of my experiences and attempts to be a Korean local in Seoul.

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1. I tricked the flight attendant that I am Korean by speaking the Korean language

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2. I ate Korean food like Kimchi, Samgyeupsal (my favourite) and the super spicy stew Budae-jjigae

3. I ambitiously copied the style and looks of K-Pop stars

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4. I marvelled at the Korean temples, palaces and villages

5. I tried to commute with their very efficient Seoul Metropolitan Subway and bus

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6. I ate street foods like Odeng (fish cakes), Ho-tteok (fried cinnamon and brown sugar pancake) and Dakkochi (grilled chicken)

7. I imitated some Koreanovela poses and visited some TV sets

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8. I bought Korean stuff in a grocery but never understood any label

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9. I enjoyed pictorials in picture-perfect places

10. I tried to cross North Korea from South Korea but ended up at the DMZ (Demilitarised Zone)

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These are just some of the hilarious things I did in Seoul. What about you? Don’t hesitate to share your crazy Korean moments!

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