34 Little Things That Piss Every Singaporean Off

34 Little Things That Piss Every Singaporean Off

Deep down, Singaporeans are really nice people/pretty chill. But sometimes…

Deep down, we’re all really pretty chill. But sometimes…

1. When McDonald’s stops the curry sauce supply

2. When people rush in before you get off the bus/train

If we can’t get out, you can’t get in. Simple Physics.

3. When someone doesn’t hold the lift door

4. When someone asks if Singapore is in China

5. When people stand on the right hand side of the escalator

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Or sometimes, the whole side… .. … ..

6. When you hear the ERP beep

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7. Missing the last bus/train

Because midnight taxi surcharge.

8. When there’s one seat left on the bus/train but somebody’s bags are on it

9. When train commuters lean on the poles you intended to hold

10. When the next MRT is in >6 mins

11. Or when your next bus arrival is in 23 minutes

And when it finally comes, there’ll be 2 of them.

12. When you live in Pasir Ris yet you don’t get a seat in the train during peak hours

All you seat hoggers from Tampines…

13. When the platform is so crowded, you have to wait for 183470 trains to pass before you can get in

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Not sure if peak hour or rock concert…

14. And on top of all these, transportation prices are always hiking

15. When someone who came later flags a cab in front of you

16. When neighbours hang dripping wet clothes above your laundry

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Kenneth Tan

#hdbwoes #hdbwoes #hdbwoes

17. When neighbours start playing mahjong in the middle of the night

18. Or… when the amateur pianist next door can’t stop practicing

Communal living can get too close for comfort

19. When toilet paper runs out in the public toilet

20. When the person in front of you hogs the ATM forever

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Asian Development Bank

21. When kids disrespect their domestic helpers

22. When kids can’t shut up on public transport

23. When somebody makes a racist comment

*flips table*

24. When Orchard Road is crowded each and every time you decide to drop by

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William Cho

When any place is crowded, really

25. When the taxi driver takes the longer route

26. When the person walking in front is distracted by their phone

And somehow manages to block you whenever you try to overtake them…?!?

27. When a public holiday falls on a weekend and there’s no off in-lieu

28. When somebody has a different political stance from you and they can’t shut up

29. When our telco service is down

30. When you find NTUC trolleys under your block

31. When people slow down at the end of the escalator

*Omg* *ouch* *omg*

32. When non-Singaporeans speak ill of Singapore

Or worse, when Singaporeans speak ill of their own motherland.

33. When someone’s ez-link gets rejected at the gantry yet they keep trying


34. When a salesman follows you till the end of the world

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Tom Wsucler

Singaporeans love to complain, so why are we still here? Well, aside from these 33 pesky little pet peeves that annoy us every now and then, there’s just too much to love about this beautiful lion city. And chicken rice is just one of them.

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