Barcelona Cuts Price of Public Transportation Amidst Rise in Cost of Living

The Government Chips In: Travel to Barcelona and Pay Only Half the Price of Public Transport

The Spanish government is quite on top of things.

Good news for Catalans and tourists heading to Barcelona soon: The city is cutting the cost of public transportation in half from September to the end of 2022. This includes tickets for buses, metros, and trains. The city is implementing this to assist its residents with the soaring inflation and rise in the cost of living. 

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What’s even better is that public transportation in Barcelona isn’t even expensive to begin with, especially when you compare it to other bustling European cities. Barcelona’s 30-day pass will now cost €20 instead of €40, while the T-Casual ten-trip pass will cost €5.70 instead of €11.35. Meanwhile, a single-ride ticket will only cost €1.20.

Spanish government stepping in to cover costs

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Spain’s central government is covering 30% of the cut fare prices, while Catalonia’s autonomous government is reportedly covering the rest. This discount isn’t only being applied in Barcelona. A 30% cut to the cost of public transport is being implemented in all of Spain’s autonomous communities. 

In fact, the struggle in making ends meet amidst the rise in the cost of living will ease for Spaniards all over the country; the central government is cutting the VAT on electricity to half its price too. The government is also taking 20 cents off the price of every litre of fuel, while offering financial aid to low-income employees, the self-employed, and pensioners. 

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If you’re considering Spain as a holiday destination, this September to December is the best time yet to take advantage of the cheapest public transport prices the country has offered in recent years. Barcelona, of all places, should definitely be on your bucket list. 

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