Switzerland Unveils the World’s Longest Passenger Train

Switzerland Unveils the World’s Longest Passenger Train

It’s definitely cooler than any other train we’ve seen before!

On 29 Oct 2022, Switzerland revealed the world’s longest passenger train. Running through the Albula Line, the train was two kilometres long with four engines and 100 coaches!

Swiss company Rhaetian Railway initially ran this locomotive to commemorate the 175th anniversary of Swiss railways, as well as to launch its new Capricorn trains. A railway festival took place in the village of Bergün, where 3,000 lucky ticket holders could watch the train make its journey through the picturesque route via a live TV feed. 

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Everything you need to know about the world’s longest passenger train

The record-breaking attempt took many months of preparation. The Albula Line features 22 tunnels and 48 bridges over deep valleys, along with tight curves and steep gradients. The filming crew used 19 cameras from drones and helicopters and three satellite uplinks to capture the train from several locations.

Normal services from the Albula Tunnel in Preda to St. Moritz were also suspended for 12 hours during the event. 

Safe to say, the attempt was a success! The entire journey reportedly took over an hour. The train departed from Preda at 2.20pm, crossed the Landwasser Viaduct, and arrived in Bergün by 3.30pm. Seven train drivers and 21 technicians ensured a smooth journey as they operated the locomotive, maintaining a speed of 35km/h to prevent an overload on the trains and nearby power grids.

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For those who are already dreaming of getting on the two-kilometre train… unfortunately, you won’t be able to ride the train in the future. After the event, the train will not be entering regular services. In the meantime, you can explore the rest of Switzerland with this incredible travel itinerary. Alternatively, these scenic train rides will let you see more of Europe

Featured image credit: Philipp Schmidli via Rhätische Bahn AG Official Facebook Page

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