This Spanish City Is Officially the Cheapest Destination in Europe

This Spanish City Is Officially the Cheapest Destination in Europe!

You’ll never guess how many free attractions there are!

For many, Spain is the ultimate destination. Besides the language, gastronomy, and plethora of historic sites, there’s always something for everyone. But did you also know that in this country lies the cheapest destination in Europe

In the city of Granada, budget travellers can rejoice in low travel costs and numerous free sites to check out. Not only does the city have 112 free tourist attractions and 10 free museums, but there are also plenty of cheap food and drink options!

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Getting around Granada, Europe’s cheapest destination

granada travel - alhambra

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When you’re in Granada for the first time, visit Alhambra. Entrance tickets at this Spain attraction cost about €14 (S$19), and you’ll be able to check out the complex’s best attractions: Nasrid Palaces, Alcazaba towers, and the Generalife gardens. Join a tour of this Moorish fortress, which will take anywhere between three and five hours. 

granada travel - albacín neighbourhood

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However, if you’re planning to take advantage of the free attractions in the city, there are plenty of places to go to! Some of these include the Botanical Gardens, the Albaicín neighbourhood, El Carmen de los Mártires, the Jardines del Triunfo gardens, and the spice stalls near Catedral de Granada. Alternatively, you can join a free walking tour to learn more about the city’s most interesting points. 

In terms of getting around, public transportation is relatively cheap in Granada, too. In Europe, tourist bus tickets cost an average of €21(S$29.93), but in this Andalusian city, it’s only €7 (S$9.98). On the other hand, if you want to get around on your own, a regular bus ticket in Granada costs about €1.40 (S$2). These buses will directly take you to your preferred location, unlike a tourist bus which includes multiple spots in the city. 

Eating out in Granada, Spain

granada travel - carrera de darro granada

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When you’re in Granada, you cannot miss out on trying the city’s best food and drinks! A normal meal at a mid-range restaurant costs around €50 (S$71.26), while a meal at a cheap restaurant costs only €10 (S$14.25). Likewise, throughout Europe, beer costs around €4.91 (S$7), but in Granada, a pint only costs €2.50 (S$3.56). Isn’t that crazy?

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Besides Granada, the cities of Valencia, Málaga, and Seville have also been listed among  Europe’s cheapest destinations of 2022. Each of these cities have its own fair share of free attractions, affordable restaurants, and even cheap transport. 

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That said, regardless of which city you go to, you can’t doubt that Spain is truly a cost-friendly country worth visiting!

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