Berlin Walking Tours For Your Next Trip to Germany

4 Themed Berlin Walking Tours For Your Next Trip to Germany

The German capital is home to more museums than rainy days per year!

Is it just me or has everyone been itching to step out of the country, get onto an aeroplane and rediscover the feeling of a holiday? After all these months of being homebound, the yearning to travel and dive into fresh, new experiences is overwhelming! 

But with countries slowly easing border restrictions, our dreams of travelling may become a reality sooner than later. Till then, why not plan for our next trip and make it the most memorable one of all?

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Looking for a combination of historical and contemporary architecture and landmarks? Or wanting to immerse yourselves in mouth-watering delicacies and the expressive aesthetic of street art? Combine all these experiences by signing up for a walking tour on your next trip to the German capital of Berlin! 

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These tours are guaranteed to familiarise you with the most significant and unusual places around Berlin as you walk through the city and explore its various highlights. Check out this list of exciting and enriching tours that are sure to be an unforgettable experience!

1. Spend a day discovering Berlin’s historical landmarks

Berlin is well-known for its famous historical landmarks. In fact, the number of museums it takes to encapsulate Berlin’s rich history exceeds the number of rainy days they have per year! From iconic buildings and memorials to magnificent gates and columns, a Berlin walking tour through history is a must. 

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Often referred to as Berlins’ most famous (or rather infamous) building, the Reichstag is one such historical landmark that you will come across on the walking tour. The meeting place of the German Parliament, the Neo-Baroque building dates from 1894 and was the house of the Imperial Diet until it was defaced in the historic fire of 1933. The ruins of this building, which was only maintained until the Berlin Wall fell, was restored soon after as an emblem of a unified Germany. 

Another landmark that you will come across as part of a Berlin walking tour is the Memorial of the Berlin Wall. A must-see for anyone travelling to the capital, this historical landmark will transport you back a few decades. The memorial contains the last piece of the wall. The various displays, preserved historical remnants, and traces of border obstacles inform visitors about Germany’s division. 

The walking tour will also take you through Brandenburg Gate. One of Germany’s most recognisable sights and a must-see for first-timers in Berlin, this gate is known to have witnessed the Second World War and the destruction of the Berlin Wall when it stood at the divide. This stunning piece of historical architecture is topped with the Quadriga, a chariot pulled by four horses. 

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These are only a few handfuls of sights that you will come across as a part of your Berlin walking tour. With so many sights to its name, a walking tour of the capital is sure to be an eventful day for history lovers and tourists alike. What’s more, you can hire a local guide as part of your tour to gain a more authentic and enriching experience. Book the Historical Half-Day Walking Tour of Berlin with a Local Guide and discover the historical side of Berlin and how the city has changed over time. 

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2. Walk amidst greenery and themed gardens

We’ve certainly missed the lush greenery and outdoors during the months spent cooped up at home. What if we say that Berlin has one of the most unique nature walking tours for you? Nature lover or not, you are surely going to be amazed by the remarkable features of the Gärten der Welt.

Berlin walking tours

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Translating to “Gardens of the World”, a walk here is no ordinary stroll in the park. In addition to the ten traditional themed gardens, they present eight contemporary garden cabinets from five continents. This includes Asian, African, Australian, European and South American cultures. Your walking tour here is sure to be filled with beautiful views and tranquil surroundings. 

Believe us, this garden feels like taking a quick walk around the world. To paint you a clearer picture, the entire garden covers an area of over 43 hectares and visitors get the opportunity to experience a range of garden styles from different eras and different parts of the world. 

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From witnessing a Korean tea ceremony to a Japanese cherry blossom festival, each experience is sure to make you a culture vulture, on top of being a gardening and horticulture aficionado. Enjoy walking through the Chinese Garden of the Recovered Moon as well as the Italian Renaissance Garden. You can also walk through visually aesthetic Middle-Eastern and Christian-themed gardens while experiencing the tropical paradise of Bali. 

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With so many beautiful paths for you to follow, this Berlin walking tour is surely going to be an enchanting experience. Truly a blissful retreat amidst nature and the outdoors, discover captivating plants, streams, temples and other wonders of nature when you visit this magical place. 

3. Marvel at modern German architecture and street art

Berlin’s not just about history. With a vibrant art and culture scene, the German capital is home to some stunning modern architecture and flamboyant street art. A Berlin walking tour through the modern architecture scene is the complete opposite of the historical landmarks walking tour. Whilst just as fascinating, the stark contrast between the built of the structures is sure to grab your attention as you walk by. 

Berlin walking tours

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One famous structure that is a part of most modern Berlin walking tours is the glass-and-concrete Paul-Löbe-Haus. The building contains offices for the Bundestag’s parliamentary committees and is also filled with modern art that is open for viewing to the public. The building is known for its state-of-the-art architecture and is referred to as a fitting representation of modern Berlin. The walking tours also feature other charming structures of contemporary German architecture that is definitely a must-see such as the Bodestraße and Pariser Platz 3. 

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Another significant part of the arts and culture scene is definitely the famous street arts of the German capital. In fact, Berlin is considered the graffiti mecca of the urban art world! You will certainly come across graffiti and artwork in any modern Berlin walking tour. 

With a vast creative sphere to explore, Raw Gelände in Friedrichshain is the perfect location to come across extraordinary graffiti and street art. Its street art is painted over industrial buildings, and a former train repair station provides an edgy vibe to the entire neighbourhood.  

Image credit: Stadt Donaueschingen/Michael Maj

The artwork featured on the various streets in Berlin are works of both fresh talent and revered street artists. It is this combination of artistic sensibilities that makes this tour all the more charming and visually pleasing. As you venture deeper into the modern Berlin walking tour, you’ll also come across a vibrant, cultural street art alley. 

The Berlin Mitte graffiti: Haus Schwarzenberg street art alley is quite different from the edgy neighbourhood and is located in a more commercial shopping district. A hidden gem, this alley is home to murals, graffiti, and paste-ups! 

From modern architectural marvels to colourful street art, a modern Berlin walking tour is as exciting as the German arts and culture scene gets!

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4. Embark on a food tour in the streets of Berlin

Delectable dishes and mouth-watering delicacies are a must when you visit Berlin. Embark on an exciting food journey that is sure to tantalise your taste buds and familiarise you with German classics and signature alcoholic drinks. Unravel the abundant flavours of Berlin’s diverse food scene as you try old-fashioned German classics and modern fusions of international food from different cultures. 

Hackescher Markt is widely known in Berlin for its dining experiences. A part of almost every Berlin walking tour, your time here will treat you to a variety of uniquely different styles of food. With a grand view of the market unfolding before you, you will be able to choose between several European and German classics when you dine here. 

Once you’re ready to grab a sweet bite after all the savoury dishes, you can walk to Weinbergsweg, a place known for their artisanal cafes and ice cream parlours. 

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Delectable cookies, cakes, pastries, cinnamon rolls and coffees are just the beginning of your food journey in this area. There are Korean, Greek, French, Portugese, and of course, German desserts to savour while you’re on this diverse food journey! 

And what’s Berlin without some authentic Bavarian food, German beer, and bratwurst? You can indulge in all of these by walking to restaurants in Prenzlauer Berg, where locals and tourists alike can enjoy authentic German cuisine featuring menus filled with a myriad of German dishes and beer options – ideal for gaining a true German experience. There are also other dining options around the area that serve food ranging from middle-eastern classics, fusion food and European classics. But nothing beats the authentic Deutschland experience! A Berlin food walking tour is surely the way to go to satisfy all your food cravings and get a fulfilling experience of the German food scene. 

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Don’t you agree that Berlin walking tours are the best way to explore the city? These tours are your opportunity to truly understand the Berlin lifestyle while exploring the city’s iconic landmarks, contemporary structures and cuisine. 

More importantly, a walking tour with a local guide makes your entire visit more personal and enriching. We’re definitely ready to book a Berlin walking tour the soonest we can! How about you? 

For more information, visit the German National Tourism Board’s official website and Facebook page, as well as Berlin’s official travel website and Facebook page.

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