10 Nature Trips in Berlin to Get Close to Mother Nature

10 Nature Trips in Berlin to Get Close to Mother Nature

Step into the great outdoors with these exciting nature trips in Berlin!
Nature Trips in Berlin

Herbstlicher Ausflug an Tegeler See und Greenwichpromenade | Image credit: visitBerlin; photo: Dagmar Schwelle

Home to over 3,500,000 inhabitants, Berlin is a historic city with world-famous museums and monuments that have stood the test of time. Known as a cultural melting pot, the capital of Germany bursts with a vibrant energy that leaves a lasting impression. 

Still, there’s so much we have yet to discover about this city! Like the fact that Berlin is one of the greenest cities in Europe, with approximately 440,000 trees and 2,500 gardens and parks covering more than 30% of the city’s area. Or that Berlin is packed to the brim with leafy meadows and picturesque lakes — a thriving oasis for hikers and cyclists alike. 

For as fast-paced as the city may be, there are just as many ways to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of Berlin without actually leaving it. So, whether you’re hopping on a bike or exploring the city on foot, these nature trips in Berlin are what you need for a refreshing getaway! 

1. Experience a scenic walk through Grunewald Forest

View from Drachenberg to Teufelsberg, Grunewald in Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf | Image credit: visitBerlin, Landesarchiv Berlin; photo: Dagmar Schwelle

Missing the great outdoors? You can retreat to a lush oasis at Grunewald Forest, bursting with towering pine trees and picturesque lakes waiting to be discovered. Bordered by the Havel River on the west, this 7,400-acre forest is the largest green area in Berlin. Plus, it’s filled with scenic hiking and cycling paths, which make it ideal for activities such as walking, jogging, biking, swimming, and bird-spotting.

Aside from a leisurely stroll in the forest, you can also visit Teufelsberg, a man-made hill that houses an abandoned American listening station during the Cold War. Another hidden gem in the forest is the Jagdschloss Grunewald, a 16th-century hunting lodge and the oldest preserved castle in Berlin. Meanwhile, the cool waters of Teufelssee Lake are perfect for anyone who fancies a dip on a sunny afternoon. 

Address: Havelchaussee 61, 14193 Berlin, Germany 


2. Wander around a nature reserve at Pfaueninsel

Straight out of a German fairytale, Pfaueninsel or Peacock Island is a nature reserve that offers a sanctuary for city dwellers in Berlin. It flaunts a rose garden, a white summer palace, a dairy farm, scenic footpaths, and as you can probably tell by its name, lots of peacocks! You can find these gorgeous birds roaming freely around the landscaped grounds, displaying their beautiful feathers for everyone to see. 

The Pfaueninsel Palace is closed to visitors for renovations at the moment. Even so, the enchanting ambience of this castle in the woods makes the island a must-see in Berlin! You can reach the island by taking the Peacock Island Ferry for just 4€ (S$6). 

Address: Pfaueninsel, Nikolskoer Weg, 14109 Berlin, Germany

3. Visit a mountain waterfall at Viktoriapark

Nature Trips in Berlin

Waterfall at Viktoriapark | Image credit: visitBerlin, Landesarchiv Berlin; photo: Sylvia Matzkowiak

Want to feel closer to nature? Take a restful break at Viktoriapark in Kreuzberg, a favourite hangout spot among German locals. It attracts people for its mountain waterfall and Neo-Gothic memorial on top of the hill, where you can catch a glimpse of the city’s skyline. 

Situated in rocky and mountainous terrain, this park is easily one of the most magical spots in Berlin. As you breathe in the fresh air, you can hear the sounds of a babbling waterfall cascading down the rocks. Also, the park has a beer garden called Golgatha Biergarten, anytime you feel like winding down for the evening or enjoying refreshing drinks near the trees. 

Address: Viktoriapark, Kreuzbergstraße 15, 10965 Berlin, Germany 

4. Discover a world of flowers at the Botanical Garden

Botanischer Garten Berlin-Dahlem | Image credit: visitBerlin; photo: Wolfgang Scholvien

If you’re looking for inspiration from Berlin’s natural scenery, it doesn’t get any better than the Botanical Garden! Originally designed as a kitchen garden in 1679, it showcases over 20,000 plant species in its collection. 

Today, you can roam through open-air gardens and glasshouses, displaying flowers from the mountains of Europe to the Himalayas to the deserts of South Africa. From the tropical palm trees to giant water lilies, it will feel as if you’re taking a botanical journey around the world — only you’ll never have to leave Berlin to find them! 

Address: Botanical Garden and Botanical Museum, Königin-Luise-Straße 6-8, 14195 Berlin, Germany 

5. Slow down at Tiergarten Park, the most famous park in Berlin

Nature Trips in Berlin

Victory Column and Tiergarten | Image credit: visitBerlin, Landesarchiv Berlin 

Need a breath of fresh air? Or maybe you’re looking for a place to recharge your batteries after sightseeing? Good news is that you won’t have to travel too far from the city centre. You can find all the peace and quiet you need at Tiergarten Park, the largest and most popular park in Berlin! 

Thanks to its winding paths and abundant green areas, this 520-acre park is a refuge for anyone who needs a break from the fast pace of the city. For this reason, Tiergarten Park is often called Berlin’s “green lung.” Jogging, biking, picnicking, chilling under the trees, and visiting the Berlin Zoo are just some of the activities you can enjoy at this park. Come summertime, you can even ride a boat and go kayaking on a lake! 

Address: Tiergarten, Straße des 17, Juni 10785 Berlin, Germany 


6. Bike along the Spree River

Berlin: Government District, Spree River, Reichstag, Paul-Löbe-Haus | Image credit: visitBerlin, Landesarchiv Berlin; photo: Dagmar Schwelle

If you’re hoping to cycle through smooth lanes and plenty of greenery, you won’t find a better place than Berlin. After all, it’s one of the most bike-friendly cities in the world! And what better way to explore the fascinating city than on two wheels? 

Consider, for instance, biking along the Spree River. This scenic riverside path begins at the public square of Potsdamer Platz. As you follow the length of the river, the route takes you past historic landmarks such as the Brandenburg Gate, the Holocaust Memorial, the Reichstag, and the Charlottenburg Palace

Not only is biking a great way to see Berlin, but it also helps you discover a different side of the city by the water. Keep an eye out for the natural sights in your journey, as you cycle past the tree-lined paths, bridges, and canals leading to the Spree River.

7. Hike on the Havelhöhenweg trail

There’s nothing like lacing up your hiking boots and hitting the trails! For one of the best nature trips in Berlin, you can level up your adventures with the Havelhöhenweg (Havel Heights Trail), a 13km route that runs along the Havel River

It begins at Heerstrasse in the north, taking you through Grunewald Forest before ending the journey at Strandbad Wannsee in the south. Just don’t forget to take a break at one of the city’s benches and catch your breath along the way — the beauty of your surroundings just might surprise you! 

Address: Pichelsberg S-Bahn station, 14055 Berlin-Charlottenburg, Germany 

8. Swim at the waterfront of Strandbad Wannsee

Nature Trips in Berlin

Bike tour to the Wannsee in Alt-Kladow | Image credit: visitBerlin, Landesarchiv Berlin; photo: Thomas Kierok

Fancy a splash in the water for your nature trips in Berlin? After a day of outdoor adventures, combine your hiking trip with a rejuvenating swim at Lake Wannsee, which has the most famous “strandbad” (“beachfront”) in the city! 

Many city dwellers like to gather at the waterfront of the Strandbad Wannsee, which contains a sandy inland beach. Here, you can cool down with a swim, rent a covered beach chair, or lie down on a towel to sunbathe. Either way, you’ll be following a tradition that Berlin locals have been enjoying for more than 100 years! 

Address: Wannseebadweg 25, 14129 Berlin, Germany

9. Find refuge in the Charlottenburg Palace Gardens

No itinerary of nature trips in Berlin would be complete without the famous Charlottenburg Palace Gardens, of course! Formerly a royal summer residence, Berlin’s majestic palace is also one of its greatest hideaways — beckoning to weary tourists and locals alike with its Baroque gardens, carp ponds, and manicured lawns. 

Designed by French landscape architect Siméon Godeau, these gardens are a tranquil respite for anyone who would like nothing more than to spend an afternoon to themselves. Plus, it offers a place to rest and contemplate, while basking in nature’s lush embrace. Certainly, it’s worth a detour from the city! 

Address: Spandauer Damm 10-22, 14059 Berlin, Germany

10. Wind down for a relaxing time at the Mauerpark

Nature Trips in Berlin

Relax in the Mauerpark  | Image credit: visitBerlin, Landesarchiv Berlin

Cap off your day of sightseeing at Mauerpark, a public park with a wide, grassy field on a slope. Home to a well-loved Sunday flea market, it’s a popular gathering place for Berliners who just want to lie down on the grass, grill barbecue, or hang out with friends and family. During weekends, the park transforms into a vibrant music venue with live karaoke and entertainment. For more activities, you can head to the petting zoo on the park’s northmost side. Or you can simply throw a picnic and enjoy the sights of the city.


With so many nature trips to explore, you can feel so much closer to the great outdoors in Berlin. Thankfully, these scenic excursions are never far too away from the heart of the city. Anytime you’re ready to get your nature fix, these attractions will be waiting for you! 

For more information, visit the German National Tourist Board official website, as well as Berlin’s official travel website and Facebook page.

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