5 Virtual Tours in Berlin, Germany for You to Dream Now & Visit Later

Dream Now, Visit Later: 5 Virtual Tours That Will Bring Berlin To You

Sit back and relax as you discover Berlin in the comfort of your home!
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Image credit: GNTB/Dagmar Schwelle

I’ve been dreaming about travelling, literally and figuratively. More so now that we’ve all been limited to the comforts of home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. I’ve also been looking at my old travel photos, going as far as scouting for flights knowing that I wouldn’t be able to book them. We all know that we deserve a vacation once the world overcomes this difficult time. The only question that remains is, where to next? It’s no surprise that the first destination that comes to mind is Berlin, Germany

From the aroma of flavours at the street stalls and cafes, coupled with the gobsmacking views of historical and modern architecture, to Berlin’s rich history and culture, the city is truly a feast for the senses! For all this and more, one can’t help but dream about returning. Luckily, there are ways for all of us to visit Berlin from home. Having spent just a few days in the storied city back in 2013, it was definitely not enough for me to enjoy everything that it has to offer. While we all wait patiently for a chance to discover Germany again, here are five virtual tours in Berlin that will bring the city to you and allow you to #DiscoverGermanyFromHome.

1. Discover Germany through Museum Island Berlin

Museum Island Berlin

Image credit: visitBerlin/Scholvien, Wolfgang

Built between 1823 and 1930, Museum Island Berlin has over 6,000 years worth of human history housed in its entire complex. As a testament to the ingenuity of Prussian and German architecture, all buildings in the complex were designed by the most famous architects of their respective periods, such as Karl Friedrich Schinke (Altes Museum, built between 1825-1830) and Friedrich August Stüler (Neues Museum, built between 1843-1855). Yes, even the structures that house the artwork and historical artefacts are considered masterpieces! 

These architectural feats led to the Museum Island’s inclusion on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 1999. All you need is one ticket to gain access to all five museums which makes a trip to the Museum Island extremely worth it! While we still cannot travel, I’m glad that we can catch a glimpse of the Museum Island’s marvels through this virtual tour in Berlin.

Take the Virtual Tour

2. Feast your eyes on Berlin’s Bode Museum

Bode Museum

Image credit: GNTB/Guenther Bayerl

Museums ought to be must-visits for any type of traveller because these cultural institutions educate us about the history of our destinations within a limited time. Compared to your usual museums though, the Bode Museum, one out of five museums in the Museum Island, will definitely compel you to stick around for a considerable amount of time. 

Currently, there are 360° panorama virtual tours of its 61 rooms that are available for viewing. From the marbled pillars of the entrance hall, the gothic chambers with German sculptures, to the high renaissance Italian halls, each scene is sure to captivate your inner artist. What makes the museum more impressive is that construction began in 1898, which means it’s been around for 122 years and has been a witness to many events in German history. Discover Germany through the Bode Museum’s website to get the best at-home experience!

3. Lend an ear to Berlin’s musical experiences

berlin virtual tours

Image credit: GNTB/Florian Trykowski

Whether day or night, music takes centre stage in Berlin. The best part? There’s something for just about everyone’s music preference and taste! Since I was on a tight schedule during my last visit, I wasn’t able to explore the music scene as much as I had wanted to. When I go back, exploring Berlin’s music scene will be on my priority list!

For lovers of classical music, Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra invites you to experience over 600 orchestral concerts from the past ten years, such as Germany’s own Ludwig van Beethoven’ Symphony No. 7 in A major, op. 92, and Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky’s Symphony No. 6 in B minor, op. 74 — some of which are free of charge. Talk about a really great deal! You may also explore the Berliner Philarmoniker’s concert hall virtually and learn more about its history here.

Watch Digital Concerts Here!

If you’re a big fan of electronic music, Berlin is the right city for you too! Its electronic music and club scene has cemented its position as one of the best that Europe has to offer. With its vast selection of clubs, you won’t know where to start! 

Clubs on the Spreekanal, Freischwimmer

Image credit: GNTB/Berlin: Clubs on the Spreekanal, Freischwimmer

On top of that, how cool is it that there’s such a thing as an association of club, party, and cultural event organisers called Clubcommission Berlin? Via United We Stream Berlin, Clubcommission Berlin will bring the city’s party scene to you. We hope you’re ready to discover Germany through the energy of Berlin’s clubs! 

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4. Seal the stunning views from Berlin’s TV Tower into memory

Berlin’s TV Tower

Image credit: GNTB/Rico Wasikowski

Berlin offers the best views as far as the eye can see. Everywhere I looked in Berlin, there was always something beautiful that struck me and deserved a double take! To take all the spectacular views in, I suggest visiting the Berlin TV Tower. Because this is one of the city’s most visible landmarks, which offers views both inside and outside of the building, you’ll find that it’s among the best places to take pictures as you discover Germany. 

Standing at 368 metres tall, the TV Tower is the highest building in Europe that’s open to the public! It not only displays sprawling views of the city, but features a restaurant and a bar, encouraging visitors to unwind with a riveting scenery. While the TV Tower stays put on our checklist, we can still get a taste of its amazing views via this virtual tour in Berlin.

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5. Discover Germany through Berlin’s magnificent nature spots

Image credit: GNTB/Dagmar Schwelle

To be quite honest, finding nature in beautiful Berlin came as a surprise to me. I’ve always known that Berlin is a city for every type of traveller, but what I didn’t know was that the city also has its own natural wonders that locals take pride in, too! The capital features a good number of lakes, one of the most famous is Schlachtensee

Located in southwest Berlin and situated in the middle of a verdant forest, Schlachtensee is a go-to nature escape among locals. Since it has its own S-Bahn station, it’s extremely accessible via public transport. The lake also features a restaurant, cafe, and a seven-kilometre boardwalk which is perfect for strolling and jogging. To see more snippets of Berlin’s green spaces from the comforts of your home, you may visit their website here.

Image credit: GNTB/Florian Trykowski

These experiences are just five of many I’d definitely like to have when I get to travel again. Many exciting activities await us in Berlin, and I’m certain that there’s even more to discover with the rest of Germany! 

Despite travel restrictions currently in place, I’m glad there are still ways for us to enjoy Germany and its amazing capital without reaching for our passports. With these virtual tours in Berlin and inspirational materials, we can carefully and slowly plan our next trip to the land of beers, cars, sausages, and many more!

For more information, visit the German National Tourism Board’s official website and Facebook page, as well as Berlin’s official travel website and Facebook page

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