Germany Lifts Travel Restrictions Related to COVID-19 Until August 2022

Germany Lifts COVID-19 Travel Restrictions In Time for Summer

The strict “3G rule” for COVID-19 travel will be suspended until August 2022.

Germany lifts all travel restrictions related to COVID-19 for both immigrants and other foreign visitors. Of course, that includes tourists looking to explore its sights and sounds! 

According to the German National Tourist Office, the country will be lifting its “3G rule”— which requires visitors to carry either: a proof of vaccination; proof of recovery; or a negative COVID-19 result. This easing of restrictions will be active until August 2022.

Germany travel restrictions lifted

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However, arrivals from “virus variant areas” will be subject to travel protocols, such as a 14-day quarantine upon arrival, regardless of their vaccination status. Fortunately, there are no countries on this list at the moment.

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What to expect from summer travel in Germany in 2022

Germany has been easing up its COVID-19 protocols since early 2022. Currently, the only federal rule is that masks should be worn when riding public transportation like trains, buses, and planes. 

Germany travel restrictions lifted

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And just in time for the summer, most countries in Europe have opened up to many (if not all) foreign tourists. The United Kingdom has opened its borders to travellers regardless of vaccination status since March 2022. Greece has also fully reopened in May 2022. 

Germany also joins countries like Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Lithuania, Slovenia, Sweden, and Croatia which have now dropped COVID-19 travel restrictions and has now opened to tourism and travel.

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Summer travel in Germany is an exquisite experience and even more luxurious as a vacation destination. The country is a wealth of wonders for those who wish to learn of its culture and history. From the timeless architecture of its monuments, its evocative artistry, to its delicious food; the country will satisfy every adventurer who will take time to learn its stories, both from the past and present.

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