Germany Travel Restrictions: What to Know Before Visiting

Germany Travel Restrictions: What to Know Before Visiting

Here's all the info you need about visiting Germany.

Since March 2022, Germany has removed their list of “high-risk countries”, effectively reopening borders to international travellers from every country. However, travellers will still be subject to certain Germany travel requirements depending on vaccination status.

Here’s what you need to know before you start planning your trip to Germany!

Update as of 10 Jun 2022: Germany has lifted all COVID-19-related travel restrictions until further notice.

Note: This article was originally published on 17 Sep 2021. It is regularly updated for any new developments. 

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Germany travel overview

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Germany travel requirements for vaccinated travellers

Pre-arrival documents for travel to Germany

Fully vaccinated travellers looking to enter Germany need to:

1. Furnish proof of either a COVID vaccination certificate (click here for a list of approved vaccines), a negative test result (PCR or Antigen), or proof of recovery from a previous infection. This does not apply to travellers aged 12 years or less.

2. Technically, travellers arriving from countries that are considered “areas of variants of concern” must still undergo a 14-day quarantine period. However, at the moment, there are no countries currently listed under that category. Do check back regularly before making travel plans.

3. Previously, travellers entering from the aforementioned “areas of variants of concern” had to complete an online registration form and carry proof of registration. However, as mentioned, there are currently no countries listed in said category. 

Note: Unvaccinated travellers are currently not allowed to enter Germany unless they are German citizens, the spouse/partner/child (below 18 years of age) of a German citizen,  Permanent Residents or the spouse/partner/child of a Permanent Resident. Special exemption is also given to those who “hold an important role” or for emergencies.

Germany – Singapore VTL Travel Requirements

The Germany – Singapore VTL was one of the earliest VTLs to open and is currently active. From Changi Airport (SIN), you can fly to either Frankfurt (FRA) or Munich (MUC).  There are no additional or separate requirements for those travelling to Germany via the VTL. 

However, before returning to Singapore, make sure you understand the complete list of VTL requirements here.

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Travellers entering Germany do not need to undergo a health screening upon arrival. In addition, as there are currently no “high-risk countries” or “areas of variants of concern”, there are no further COVID-related travel restrictions when entering Germany.

During the stay

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While many of the previous COVID-related restrictions have been lifted, several still remain.

1. Facemasks are still compulsory aboard any public transport, in stores and busy outdoor places.

2. If you feel unwell during your travel, you need to consult a doctor or dial the hotline 116/117 to inform the relevant authorities.

3. Other established social practices, such as physical distancing and handwashing, are still highly encouraged.

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