Post COVID-19 Travel: An Eco-Friendly Munich Travel Guide

Post COVID-19 Travel: An Eco-Friendly Munich Travel Guide

Bookmark this eco-friendly Munich itinerary to support green tourism!

Although tourism has been brought to a near standstill amidst the pandemic, let us remain optimistic about the future of travel. In recent days, countries have been exploring the potential of travel bubbles in light of the gradual reopening of borders. The efforts to combat the pandemic has thus brought us together in the spirit of perseverance. Together, we can rebuild what we hold close to our hearts — travel — as long as we exercise responsible tourism. When it comes to sustainability, Munich is committed to welcome travellers with eco-friendly travel experiences.

West Park | Image credit: ©München Tourismus, Tommy Loesch

As portrayed in The Great Realisation, a fairytale poem touching on life in a post-pandemic world, the silver lining points to the “healing” of the earth. Lockdowns and quarantines have given us the opportunity to disengage with the outside world and let it be for the time being.  

With nature at peace, many are looking to green tourism as the new normal. This connotes embracing a greener future, through introducing more sustainable, eco-friendly holidays. Eco-friendly Munich, for one, offers authentic experiences that are waiting for you in our post-pandemic world.

Having said that, feel free to bookmark this eco-friendly Munich travel guide for your next travel!

Be one with nature

Munich is home to outdoor experiences and must-visits where you can stretch your legs and maximise your exercise. This is a sure-fire way to stay in the pink of health, whilst basking in nature’s glories. 

Take a stroll at Englischer Garten

Englischer Garten eco-friendly munich travel

Englischer Garten | Image credit: ©München Tourismus, Joerg Lutz

Englischer Garten is a public park in the heart of Munich. It is also one of the most sprawling urban parks worldwide. It houses a 78km-long network of paths, where either athletes can train or where couples can take a leisurely stroll.

eco-friendly munich travel

Lovebirds enjoying a picnic | Image credit: ©München Tourismus, Christian Kasper

Engage in recreational games on the field. Otherwise, bask in the sun whilst enjoying a picnic with your loved ones. If you are feeling adventurous, rent a paddle boat over the lake to catch the setting sun. This is a leisure paradise in the heart of the city. How could we not include it in our eco-friendly Munich travel guide?!

Feel the fresh breeze by River Isar

river isar eco-friendly munich travel

River Isar | Image credit: ©München Tourismus, Sigi Mueller

Moreover, feel free to lounge on the banks of River Isar. This river is being fed water from the Alps. This is a perfect spot for picnicking as well as river rafting.

Go on hikes

Munich is home to a plethora of scenic hiking trails as well, so take your time while savouring all the breathtaking sceneries! Embark on your adventure at gorges such as Höllentalklamm. This is one of Munich’s natural wonders. One can bear witness to the beauty of melted snow as well as rain carved through the rocks. 

Visit the Bavarian Forest National Park

Embark on adventures at the Bavarian Forest National Park all year ‘round. This is said to be Germany’s oldest national park. 

Avid hikers will be ecstatic to hear that you can hike along its trails in summer. Alternatively, you can explore the national park on two wheels by cycling. When the national park transforms into a winter wonderland, you can enjoy seasonal activities such as cross-country skiing as well. Bavarian Forest National Park also promises a scenic treetop trail to come up close with nature.

Gain authentic experiences by supporting local businesses

All foodies, listen up! Indulge in Munich’s authentic taste experiences through frequenting local farmers markets or local restaurants. Moreover, this serves to give back to the local economy!

Gärtnerplatz quarters | Image credit: ©München Tourismus, Sigi Mueller

The Glockenbach and Gärtnerplatz quarters is a trendy hipster shopping district. Here, you are bound to feel young at heart! Glimpse the numerous stores selling items ranging from handcrafted accessories to organically grown food. Shop sustainable clothing pieces by uncovering the treasure troves of sustainable, ecological fashion. We can all start small by supporting local businesses! As they say, a small step goes a long way! 

Book eco-friendly accommodations

During your time in Munich, eco-friendly hotels promise a whole different experience. Here are a few picks on our eco-friendly Munich travel guide!

soulmade eco-friendly munich travel

Image credit: Soulmade

Soulmade is a hotel constructed entirely out of wood. This is a pledge to protect the environment for all that it is worth.

soulmade eco-friendly munich travel

Image credit: Soulmade

Moreover, Soulmade is committed to planting one tree for every direct booking through its restoration program Plant for the Planet. Additionally, for every tree in the manufacturing process, two trees are being replanted. This allows this eco-friendly hotel to grow into a truly sustainable business.

Schlossgut Oberambach munich

Image credit: Schlossgut Oberambach

Biohotel Schlossgut Oberambach is yet another eco-friendly alternative. The embodiment of eco-friendliness, it offers organic cuisines, as well as rooms furnished with naturally oiled wood furniture.

Schlossgut Oberambach

Image credit: Schlossgut Oberambach

This eco-friendly hotel is also where luxury meets sustainability. Its rooms are well furnished according to eco-friendly principles. Immerse yourself in its surrounding nature, what with Lake Starnberg at its doorstep. Don’t miss this eco-friendly hotel nestled in such an idyllic setting!

Travel for wellness

After the pandemic subsides, it’s only natural that travellers feel the need to cultivate a lifestyle that promises overall wellbeing. This marks the future of not only eco-friendly travel, but wellness travel too. It’s a good thing that Germany is one step ahead and all ready to embrace it! 

Germany is home to wellness retreats such as thermal and wellness spas, as well as saunas. Therme Erding, for example, is the largest thermal spa in the world. It offers saunas, steam baths, beauty and services, and even water slides for those looking for a bit more fun. It’s the sweet spot for travellers who are looking for some action as well as an adventure! 

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In conclusion, a holistic and thoughtful approach to promote sustainability just might be the way to progress as the tourism industry moves on from the pandemic. Munich is here for the green movement and we can all play a part in supporting green tourism. Hold onto the prospect of better days, and remember to bring a reusable travel coffee cup along with you for your next travel!

Information extracted from München Tourismus press release. 

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