Best Spots in Singapore for Travellers Who Work Remotely

Singapore’s Best Spots for Travellers Who Work Remotely

It's the perfect location for a digital nomad!

As one of the most developed countries in the world, Singapore is a location that is highly accommodating of professionals across several fields and working routines. Its aesthetically pleasing landscapes, beaches, and resorts make it the perfect spot to travel the world while working remotely. An essential part of being a remote worker is being resourceful enough to find good spots to work — regardless of where you are. If you want to add Singapore to your travel list, this article could be helpful as it highlights some of the best spots to consider as a digital nomad. Without further ado, let’s get into it. 

Lumine Cafe


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Lumine Cafe is a convenient place where you can easily find the best corner to work on your laptop while soaking in the beauty of your environment. The prices here are reasonable, and there is a well-lit interior, modern wooden tables, and chairs for cosy relaxation. This spot also has WiFi, stable power, and excellent customer service. Another thing that stands out and would surely interest you is the conduciveness and quietness of this spot. It makes it easy for you to work and get some good food, all without unnecessary interruptions.

Twenty Grammes

Here is another local cafe and restaurant with high-quality treats, excellent decor, and a conducive working environment. Twenty Grammes has fewer crowds during the day, so you’d find many digital nomads there. It is also a popular spot for remote workers like virtual assistants, marketers, forex investors, and people involved in CFD trading in Singapore. There is stable WiFi and good power outlets. The prices are slightly above average, but it’s justifiable considering their services.

It is located at 753 North Bridge Road, Singapore, 198721. Twenty Grammes opens as early as 7am and closes around 10pm. You’ll definitely get good desserts, ambience, excellent music, and quality productive time here. 

Toby’s Estate

Toby’s Estate could be the perfect spot for brunch with family and friends, and it could also be the ideal nomad’s working space by day. The highlights of this cafe are their creative menus, atmosphere, 5-bar WiFi, and power. It is located on 8 Rodyk Street 8 Rodyk #01-03/04, Singapore 238216 Singapore. 

The Great Room

If you’re the type who prefers a coworking space to a cafe, then the great room could be the ideal option for you. This spot comes with some exciting perks like massages and freshly brewed coffee. It has a slick interior with loads of luxurious touches and a quiet environment perfect for work. The Great Room is located at 85 Castlereagh Street and is inspired by the concept of community and dynamic shared spaces. Their membership plan cuts across dedicated offices, hot desks, and day passes, depending on your preference.


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Crane has a kid-friendly co-working and cafe space. Hence, this is a fantastic option when travelling with family. The billing rate here is S$3.80 per hour. You can expect excellent natural light, a lounge area, high-speed WiFi, printing facilities, and meeting rooms. They also have good snacks and coffee for your lunch breaks. 


Lowercase is an innovative spot for people who are very fond of creative spaces. It features some unique cuisines and free WiFi for customers. There is also plenty of space and fewer crowds, which makes it ideal for remote workers. You can find Lowercase at 1 McNally Street, 01 Lasalle College of the Arts 01, Singapore 187940. 

The Book Cafe

The Book Cafe is an alternative to co-working spaces, especially for people who love to indulge in good books. It has a snug living room with a good ambience and bookshelves to read. They also have a printer for customers to use freely. It is in a highly hospitable location and a serene environment that could work just right for you. This spot is located at 20 Martin Road, Seng Kee Building, Mohamed Sultan, Singapore 239070.

The Cocoon Space

Cocoon Space has special offers that are unique to digital nomads in the fashion and design industry. It is a Maker Studio set up with drafting tables and sewing machines. Cocoon Space is located at Orchard Road and also maintains a calming working environment. It has been designed to provide a networking and interacting space, which could add to your overall travel experience. It offers extra perks like WiFi, lounge areas, free coffee, an outdoor terrace, and free snacks. You can locate the Cocoon Space at 250 Orchid Road. 

Genius Central

Genius Central is a cafe, working space, and networking hub that is well-fitted for travellers and remote workers. It is located at 7-13 Amoy Street #01-01 Far East Square, Singapore 049949 Singapore. They offer healthy lunch options, a beautiful space, and attentive staff who prioritize fast services. They also give you a food and drink credit bonus when you buy up to 4 4-hour passes from them. 

Working on the Go in Singapore

Remote working is a lifestyle many are adopting today, and it is not difficult to decipher why. People find a better purpose in having the freedom to travel the world and explore better opportunities while retaining their current roles. There are also fewer restrictions around taking vacations, breaks, or some time off when necessary. If you’ve found this lifestyle the perfect fit for you and want to add Singapore to your must-visit list, the locations listed above will prove useful when you finally take that trip.

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