Mandai Rainforest Resort: Singapore's New Eco-Luxury Opens in 2025

Mandai Rainforest Resort: Singapore’s New Eco-Luxury Opens in 2025

Luxury meets nature!

The Mandai Wildlife Reserve in Singapore is about to get even wilder! Get ready for a wave of exciting new experiences planned for the coming years, including an eco-resort, a wildlife park, and more. The Mandai Rainforest Resort will be open to the public early 2025.

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Glimpse of the Mandai Rainforest Resort

Mandai Rainforest Resort

Opening in the first half of 2025, the brand new Mandai Rainforest Resort promises a luxurious escape nestled within the heart of the Reserve. This eco-friendly resort boasts 338 rooms with stunning views of the Upper Seletar Reservoir.

Whether you’re a family or a nature enthusiast, the resort caters to all. Relax by the rooftop pool, energise in the gym, or indulge in pampering spa treatments. Standard and family room options ensure a comfortable stay for all. For a truly unique experience, consider one of the 24 elevated treehouse suites surrounded by the rainforest canopy.

Sustainability is a priority at the resort, with delicious meals featuring locally-sourced ingredients at the restaurants. The resort itself is a leader in sustainable hospitality, being Singapore’s first-ever Super Low Energy (SLE) building.

A park packed with adventures

Mandai Rainforest Resort

Get ready to embark on a wild journey through recreated Southeast Asian and African rainforests at the upcoming Rainforest Wild Park. Opening soon, this park is set to be a game-changer, with Rainforest Wild Asia becoming the first zoological park in Asia to integrate adventure elements into its design.

Prepare to encounter a variety of fascinating creatures, including Malayan tigers, sun bears, and the François’ langur, making its debut exhibit in Singapore. But Rainforest Wild isn’t just about observation! Thrill-seekers can embark on forest treks, challenge themselves with climbing activities, or experience the exhilaration of safeguarded abseiling.

The park also features a 220-metre cavern inspired by Sarawak’s Mulu Caves, allowing visitors to come face-to-face with these creatures. Over at Rainforest Wild Africa, don’t miss the chance to spot pygmy hippos and elusive okapis, another Singapore first! Exciting aerial adventures are also planned for this zone, promising a unique perspective of the park (details to come).

Explore the indoor experiences

Two new buildings located near the resort will offer a variety of immersive indoor nature experiences in the coming years.

At Exploria, embark on virtual expeditions that transport you to diverse natural environments across the globe. The Green Canvas, a spacious 2,800 square metre area, will host travelling exhibitions, nature-themed events, and talks focused on conservation efforts.

For a deeper dive into the history of the Mandai Wildlife Reserve, head to the free permanent exhibition at the Mandai Gallery. Young explorers will have a blast at Curiosity Cove, an interactive indoor space designed to spark their curiosity about the natural world through engaging exhibits. Finally, ZooSchool offers children the opportunity to participate in outdoor adventure programs that combine exploration with wildlife education.

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The plans for the Mandai Rainforest Resort are truly impressive, promising an unparalleled experience for adventure seekers of all ages. So, stay tuned for updates on opening dates and get ready to experience the wild side of Singapore!

All image credit goes to Mandai Wildlife Reserve | Official Facebook

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