14 Fun Date Ideas in Singapore — From Anniversaries to First Dates!

14 Fun Date Ideas in Singapore — From Anniversary Celebrations to First Dates!

No matter your budget, swoon-worthy dates in Singapore await.

Creating moments with a significant other is always crucial in building and nourishing a healthy relationship. But if those moments need excitement, there are endless couple activities and date ideas in Singapore! This city-state always has the atmosphere to make couples swoon. Spend a day in these romantic places in Singapore and falling in love becomes easy.

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Free and budget date ideas in Singapore that couples can enjoy

1. Enjoy the great outdoors and good food at East Coast Park

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Outdoor activities always make for a fun date idea, and the popular East Coast Park is an amazing place to do so. This spacious, well-maintained park is right next to the beautiful East Coast Beach. Take a romantic couple stroll along the footpaths or cycle around the park together, all while enjoying the gorgeous sea view! 

After spending time outdoors, good food is necessary to replenish your energy! In that case, East Coast Park is a great spot for a chill couple picnic. Even if you don’t want the hassle of bringing your own food, there are lots of really affordable and delicious food options. Our pick? East Coast Lagoon Food Village is a super-famous hawker centre located inside East Coast Park that has a variety of stalls selling mouth-watering local delicacies such as rojak and carrot cake. 

Entry to East Coast Park is free, and affordable bicycle rentals are available, too. Head there for an energetic, wallet-friendly date!  

2. Take a stroll in Singapore’s many gardens

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Include going to places like Singapore Botanic Gardens or even Jurong Lake Gardens when thinking of first date ideas in Singapore. The city-state goes to great lengths to keep its gardens green and flourishing. Don’t be surprised if any of these gardens take your breath away — or your date’s. Since entry to the gardens is also free, these places make for great date ideas in Singapore (especially for first dates). If it doesn’t go well, a broken heart is probably still better than spending a fortune on a failed date!

3. Explore Singapore’s history through its heritage museums

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Visiting and exploring museums are great first date ideas in Singapore because you get to learn about the city-state along with your partner! These gorgeous buildings hold so many stories about cultures that made the Little Red Dot what it is today. Any museum in Singapore is well worth a visit, but the ever-dynamic and interactive exhibits inside the National Museum of Singapore are always something to look forward to.

Remember, access to any of the heritage museums is free for Singaporean citizens and permanent residents.

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4. Swim and admire the sunset at Palawan Beach on Sentosa Island

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Did you know that Sentosa Island is part of Singapore? Sentosa Island is well-loved by locals and tourists alike for its sunny skies, aesthetic food spots, and three beautiful beaches. 

For a romantic, budget-friendly date, we recommend that you head to the famous Palawan Beach, where you can wade in the cool waters along the shoreline or take a full swim. There are also gorgeous sunset views to admire here; time your visit well and you can even take romantic couple photos with the sun setting in the background!

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Couple activities in Singapore for a simple date

5. Stop and smell the flowers in Gardens by the Bay

It is always a lovely time to visit Gardens by the Bay to see which flowers bloom when the seasons change. Gardens by the Bay is full of gorgeous nature-themed attractions. And in this horticultural marvel, anyone who loves all things floral is easily spoiled for choice. Exploring the gardens is possibly one of the most romantic couple activities in Singapore for loved-up pairs. (Also, what’s Valentine’s without flowers?)

Surround yourselves with beautiful flora and fauna inside Flower Dome to experience impeccable romantic feels. You should also consider visiting Cloud Forest, which is famous for its majestic indoor waterfall that’s over 35 metres tall! 

Also, make sure to take a photo atop the Supertree Observatory together! If you think the Supertrees are impressive at ground level, then brace yourself for the jaw-dropping views from the treetops! Apart from the intricate lights on the Supertree, it also gives an unbridled view of Singapore. Anyone would fawn over these sights, guaranteed.

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6. Be sweet inside the Museum of Ice Cream

The recently opened Museum of Ice Cream Singapore (MOIC) has a lot in store for its visitors and even more for couples. The whimsical exhibits that feature the sweet treat and all its aspects make for surreal, fun visuals which couples can take photos with. 

Visiting the museum at night is extra fun, as some of the facilities at MOIC make for some of the most fun date ideas in Singapore. And yes, there is unlimited ice cream inside, too!

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7. Immerse yourself in the underwater world at the S.E.A. Aquarium

Want to give your partner a wholesome surprise? If your partner loves animals, especially sea creatures, take them on a fun date to the S.E.A. Aquarium at Resorts World Sentosa. One of the world’s biggest and most impressive aquariums, the S.E.A. Aquarium houses over 100 species of animals in 10 carefully-curated zones which will surely dazzle your partner.  

One zone you’ve got to check out is the Apex Predators of the Sea, where you’ll witness all kinds of sharks gliding over and around you in their grandeur. Another highlight is the Open Ocean Habitat, which houses approximately 120 animal species in about seven Olympic-sized swimming pools’ worth of water! 

Also, did we mention that the S.E.A. Aquarium is as aesthetically impressive as an underwater movie set? You might want to bring your professional camera here to capture some dreamy couple photos. 

8. Work together to clear Singapore’s many escape rooms

Want to test your chemistry with your partner? One of the best couple activities in Singapore to help you learn about your relationship is to book an escape room. These thrilling attractions are extra fun for adventurous couples who want to challenge their relationship’s limits. Try booking sessions at The Black Lake Facility, which is Singapore’s largest two-storey escape room! 

Just a disclaimer, though — we won’t be held responsible if you break up out of frustration! (We kid… sort of.)

9. Go indoor roller skating and relive the excitement of teenage romance

If you’ve ever seen the famous Taiwanese rom-com movie Our Times which took Singapore by storm in 2015, you’ll recall the iconic scenes in which the leads go roller skating, and how this becomes a romantic activity for them. Well, it can up the romance for you, too! Want to transport yourself back to the retro ‘90s and relive the taste of sweet teen romance? Try indoor roller skating at HiRoller Indoor Skating Rink, one of the most fun couple activities in Singapore. You’ll get to hold your partner’s hand and have a spinning good time under the colourful lights! 

10. Embrace your artsy side with your partner

A fantastic way to understand your partner better is to do artsy couple activities together. The arts have an amazing way of bringing out the most creative, fun and unique qualities of a person that you might not easily notice! 

There are many artistic activities to do in Singapore. Bond with your partner over an unhurried time of pottery, which is a hands-on activity that will surely build your patience. You can try your hand at pottery at Urth & Pire, a popular pottery studio in Singapore that offers one-session pottery trial workshops! 

Alternatively, you can go art jamming if you and your partner are interested in painting and drawing. Motion Art Space is a highly-reviewed art jamming studio in Singapore that you can head to — it even offers a couple’s package!

11. Explore the vibrant neighbourhood of Joo Chiat

too chiat Peranakan colourful houses

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If you and your partner are into cafes and photography, or are always looking out for the newest hipster pop-up, why not explore Joo Chiat together? This vibrant district is full of amazing food cafes, animal cafes, and aesthetic photography spots. 

Along Koon Seng Road, you’ll find rows of colourful Peranakan shophouses which are beautiful masterpieces of Peranakan-style architectural design. This is a great spot to capture vibrant photos and get a taste of Peranakan culture. 

You’ll also notice that there are lots of people walking around with their dogs in Joo Chiat. Joo Chiat is a rather pet-friendly neighbourhood, so feel free to bring your beloved pets along on your date to Joo Chiat! The Brewing Ground and Prairie by Craftsmen are some highly-reviewed pet-friendly cafes in Joo Chiat where you can enjoy a romantic date with your partner while looking after your pets.

Fun date ideas in Singapore for grand and luxurious gestures

12. Lounge and swim atop the Marina Bay Sands SkyPark

Arguably one of the most romantic places in Singapore, Marina Bay Sands SkyPark is also host to the world’s largest rooftop infinity pool. At over 57 levels above the luxury hotel, this swimming pool spans over 150m and is just an endless indulgence all around. Pair it with a sweeping view of Singapore and even the hardest of hearts will fawn over the extravagance. 

13. Enjoy an exclusive dinner date in a romantic restaurant

In the mood for a fancy dinner date? We’d recommend reserving a table for two at Brasserie Astoria. A dinner date is made exceptionally romantic with delicious food and the right ambience. The grand, elegant layout of this restaurant and its warm lighting make this place impeccably romantic, and you’ll get to enjoy mouth-watering Nordic-style dishes here with your partner! You can even admire the chefs as they skilfully prepare your meat at your table.

14. Dine inside Singapore’s cable cars

mount faber singapore cable car

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Heights and views seem to play a part when it comes to romantic gestures. With that in mind, spending time inside the Singapore Cable Car sounds like one of the best date ideas in Singapore. But what if you could dine inside the cable car? Fortunately, that romantic option can be arranged when boarding this attraction.

Could you imagine you and your partner indulging in the best views of Mount Faber and Siloso Point? Add a dining option and you could have its picturesque views over delectable pieces of steak or fish and a glass of the finest wine. And while you’re at it, you might want to consider popping the question, too!

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It can be difficult to think of fun couple activities in Singapore. There is always pressure to impress your partner, after all! Fortunately, the selection of places to go on a date in Singapore comes easily. With the multitude of attractions holding hundreds of activities and adventures, couples can easily consider Singapore as a city of love.

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