Eco-Friendly Travel Tips 2020

Eco-Friendly Travel Tips 2020

Eco-Friendly Travel – In recent years, ecotourism has been booming as travellers become more conscious of their impact on the environment. Especially in the past year, with teen activist Greta Thurnberg constantly shouting about the environmental consequences due to the actions we take.

Today, more people are aware of their actions that impact the wider social and environmental sphere. Here are some tips on how to travel with care for Mother Nature!

Choosing an eco-friendly destination

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One of the easiest ways to be a more environmentally conscious traveller is to consider locations that are not too far away from your starting point. Going to a destination that is closer means that you can take modes of transportation that leave behind a smaller carbon footprint. Another option is to also visit destinations that are sustainable and responsible. Here is a list of Global Top 100 Sustainable Destinations that you can ruminate over!

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Opting for greener modes of transportation

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A big movement within ecotourism is the idea of flygskam or flight-shaming. Started in Sweden and now a growing movement across Europe, it encourages people against taking flights. Planes are one of the worst forms of transport because of the big amounts of greenhouse gases produced per passenger mile. As such, every individual’s effort to find other ways of travelling is a right step towards saving the environment.

One way you can contribute is by choosing the most environmentally friendly transport option. Instead of flying, opt to travel by train, bus or ship instead. If you have to take a flight, avoid short haul flights (>500km) and stopovers, because they need more fuel and produce more carbon dioxide. Choose airlines with higher occupancy rates and an efficient fleet, or you could just fly with one of the 30+ members of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), which offers carbon offset programs.

Travel with sustainable, eco-friendly/ fairtrade travel agencies

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Taking the step towards ecotourism might be a change for most and it might seem daunting, but there are many travel companies offering holidays that support sustainable development. Employing their services could help you in your quest to travel without harming the environment. Plus, you could make more informed decisions after learning from people who are more knowledgeable in the area!

Choose environmentally-friendly accommodations

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Even when choosing your place to stay, most destinations offer a plethora of accommodations that are eco-friendly. With vegan and nomadic hotels opening up everywhere in the world, all you need to do as a conscious traveler is to look them up! Many of these places have their own effective waste treatment systems, are energy efficient and even use solar energy!

If you are still not sure how to make the right choices, look for seals of approval from certification programs such as EarthCheck in Australia, Green Globe, Rainforest Alliance in Latin America and the Caribbean, and Green Tourism Business Scheme in the UK. Also check for any in-house green program!

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Take part in green shopping

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Instead of going manufactured goods that are made in China during your travels, buy locally handmade products! In doing so, you are helping our indigenous artisans to preserve their culture. Take part in tours organised by the locals as well! They are better-equipped to share genuine and authentic experiences too.

Visit the crafts and food markets in the places you visit – shop there instead of the big malls for one-of-a-kind souvenirs! Find a little space in your luggage to pack reusable bags for shopping as well.

Participate in activities that are earth-friendly!

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Bask in nature and all it has to offer. Choose eco-friendly activities like sailing, snorkeling and hiking while you are travelling! Not only are they good for the environment, they also allow you to properly appreciate the natural beauty of nature.

If you find yourself in a new place for a longer period of time, why not take part in short-term volunteer opportunities, where you can contribute to the local community and environment? Travel does not always have to be all about sightseeing – experiences like these are truly worthwhile!


The ramifications of travelling mindlessly has so far since resulting in detrimental effects on our environment which needs to flourish for us to survive. It takes a little bit more effort, of course, but every single choice we make alters our future. Taking smaller steps and making changes in the way we live might take a little getting used to but if it helps preserve our environment, why not? Plus, it definitely feels good to know that our small part, in effect, affects a greater cause!

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