Chinese City of 30,000 Sealed Off After Bubonic Plague Death

Chinese City of 30,000 Sealed Off After Bubonic Plague Death

China has sealed off Yumen City after a man died of the bubonic plague last week.

Yumen City in China has been sealed off after a resident who was bitten by a rodent succumbed to the bubonic plague. The 38 year-old man developed a fever after coming into contact with a dead marmot, and despite being admitted into the hospital, died last Wednesday.

Yumen City
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Bubonic plague is classified as a “Class A Infectious Disease” in China, and state broadcaster China Central Television (CCTV) reported that road blockages have been set up in the city of 30,000, with people no longer being allowed to enter or exit the city.

All 151 people that came into direct contact with the victim have been quarantined, and no further cases have been reported. CCTV also added that the city has enough rice, flour and oil to sustain residents for up to one month.

Yumen City
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If the bubonic plague sounds familiar to you, it’s probably thanks to the Black Death, which killed up to 60% of Europe’s entire population in the 14th century. This pandemic was caused by the bubonic plague, a bacterial infection that can infect both humans and other animals. Without immediate treatment, the infection is extremely deadly, killing up to two thirds of humans within four days.

Jade Gate
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Yumen City should not be mistaken for the famous Jade Gate (also known as Yumen Pass), which lies 400km west of its namesake city. If you’re thinking of visiting the Jade Gate, the strategic fort on the Silk Road, don’t worry, as entrance to the area will not be affected by this incident!

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