This Shopee Seller in Malaysia Uses Coconut Husk Packaging

Better Than Bubble Wrap: Online Buyer Receives Parcel in Coconut Husk

These husks are known to decompose within a short time. Great for eco-friendly deliveries!

If coconuts were a person, they’d be the epitome of flexibility and generosity — what with their endless uses in everyday life. In a tropical country like the Philippines alone, coconuts are used for cooking, cleaning, healing, dressing, and for many business owners, food packaging. They also provide materials for producing fuel and constructing buildings.

But in neighbouring Malaysia, it looks like coconuts are now being used for delivering items purchased online, too. One Shopee Malaysia customer, in particular, received a parcel wrapped in the actual husk or outermost layer of the fruit. This paves the way for eco-friendly online deliveries according to local users of the e-commerce platform in the country.

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Coconut husk packaging in Malaysia

The Shopee item packaged in coconut husk or skin turned out to be a car accessory. It was ordered by Raynorton Motorsport, a motorcycle repair shop in Kuala Lumpur. “Bought items from Shopee and got a coconut,” the page said in a post that’s been shared more than 400 times across Facebook. “Open it and then you’ll find the item,” it added.

Eco-Friendly Packaging Malaysia

Image credit: Raynorton Motorsport

The coconut husk packaging was secured with a typical packing tape. The outcome isn’t the most physically polished by any means. However, Malaysians argued that it’s actually a great way to pack an item in the most eco-friendly way possible, whereas parcels (regardless of the platform) are often placed inside bubble wraps and other single-use materials that are harmful to the environment.

“This is a brilliant seller. Skilled in Physics and loves the environment,” one comment said. Others also appreciated the fact that the ordered item, as seen in the photos by Raynorton Motorsport, doesn’t seem to be damaged in any way. This proves how the coconut husk packaging can pass for a sturdy and sustainable packaging alternative.

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Coconut husks are known to decompose within a short time and carry nutrients good for plant growth, which also makes them especially useful for potting flora. They’ve also been used to repel mosquitoes and smoking meat. Meanwhile, the coir or fibre from the husk has been helpful for the production of household materials. These include brushes and bed mattresses.

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