A Guide to Dual Citizenship Based on Global Residence Index Rankings

Exploring Dual Citizenship: A Guide Based on Global Residence Index Rankings

This article will shed light on its application process and benefits through the Global Residence Index.

With dual citizenship, you are a citizen of two countries and can use passports from both. Having dual citizenship has many benefits, like a higher standard of living. You can get it by being born, naturalisation, getting married to a local, or making an investment in certain cases.

People consider moving abroad for many factors, like being paid more or having a better lifestyle. People who want dual citizenship have two options. They can either try to get citizenship in the new country and give up citizenship in the old country, or they can try to get citizenship in both countries.

What is dual citizenship?

Dual citizenship or dual nationality means a person can have citizenship in two countries simultaneously. Those with dual citizenship have the same rights and duties as citizens of both countries. When you have dual citizenship, you belong to two different countries and must follow the rules of both nations whenever you are present there.

How to get a second citizenship

Getting a passport and becoming a citizen of a second country depends on many factors. Let’s explore each avenue in detail.


Even if a person does not live in a country, they can still become a citizen of that country if their parents have citizenship. For example, if both parents were born in the United States, their child born in Canada will be considered an American citizen. A child born in the United Arab Emirates to an Indian parent would still be an Indian citizen. However, this doesn’t apply to all countries.


You have to live in a certain country for a certain number of years before you can apply for dual citizenship through naturalisation. For example, a British citizen who has lived in Canada for six years can apply for dual citizenship in Canada.


This is a faster way to get citizenship from a country that allows dual citizenship. However, there are a few things that you need to consider first. If you want to become a citizen of a foreign country, you must live there for a certain number of years after getting married to a citizen of that country.

If you are married to a Canadian, you can apply for a “spousal sponsorship.” Yet, the process of applying for sponsorship might take some time. Processing times could be anywhere from under a year to almost 36 months.


You can also get dual citizenship by investing in a foreign country. But the question is, how does someone apply for dual citizenship through investment?

Even though the process is simple, a lot of money must be spent on it. It speeds up getting a passport from that country, which is the best part. To do this, investors put money into the economy of a foreign country. In exchange, the country gives them citizenship and a second passport.

What are the benefits of having dual citizenship?

People who have dual citizenship can take advantage of several benefits. Some of the most important benefits of having more than one citizenship are:

1. Permission to work remotely

A foreigner usually needs a work visa to work in a country. You can work in either country without a work visa if you have two citizenships.

2. Don’t worry about getting a visa again

If you want to live in another country for a long time, like a year or more, you don’t need to apply for a visa to return. If you have two citizenships, returning home is much easier.

3.  Aid to Families

If you are a citizen of a country other than your own, you can help your family with the citizenship of that country. This citizenship can pass from generation to generation.

4. Two passports

If you have citizenship in more than one country, you can travel with both passports. This makes many things easier for you. For example, traveling and avoiding taxes becomes easier if you were born in Canada but live in Australia now.

You won’t need a visa to enter the country, so you can see your family whenever possible.

5. Security

If you have dual citizenship, you can move to another country anytime during political or social unrest.

6. Healthcare

Everyone should put their health ahead of everything else.  So, if you have citizenship in two countries, you can select the best healthcare services in any country.

7. Education

Having two citizenships makes it easier for your children to get into the best academies. If, for example, the education system in another country is better than your own, you can make your children study there if you have citizenship.

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Dual citizenship is a good option for people who want to travel more freely and learn more about other countries and cultures. Investors should feel better knowing they have backup citizenship when political, social, or cultural problems exist. Citizenship in a second country gives individuals and their families the same legal protections and access to public services and economic opportunities as native-born residents.

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