The World’s First Dragon Ball Theme Park to Rise in Saudi Arabia

The World’s First ‘Dragon Ball’ Theme Park to Rise in Saudi Arabia

Dragon World will soon be a reality!

Saiyans, Namekians, and Earthlings, this one’s for you: Saudi Arabia has announced plans to launch the world’s first-ever Dragon Ball theme park. Fans of the popular anime and manga series will soon be able to get lost in the fantasy world of Dragon World — in real life! Ready to power up and train like Goku? Keep reading for the details on the much-anticipated theme park. 

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What we know so far about the Dragon Ball theme park

dragon ball theme park

Qiddiya City, a swanky new entertainment and tourist district in Riyadh, will soon be the epicentre of all things Dragon Ball. Officials say the complex will be home to the planned Dragon Ball theme park, which is expected to span an impressive 500,000 square metres. We’re not complaining — the iconic universe definitely deserves a massive playground!

Here, fans can step into a real-life Dragon World. Roam seven different themed zones for set pieces that bring the series’ fictional locales to life. Keep an eye out for places like Kame House, Capsule Corporation, and Beerus’s Planet! The park will also reportedly feature five state-of-the-art attractions and over 30 themed rides, ensuring there’s something for thrill-seekers of all levels. 

dragon ball theme park

And the centrepiece? A towering 70-metre-tall replica of the magical dragon Shenron that will house an enormous roller-coaster inside! 

Hotels and restaurants will also be built at the park — all on theme, of course! 

This news of the theme park comes shortly after the passing of Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama. What better way to pay tribute to the legendary manga artist than to dive into the Dragon Ball world? 

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The park’s official opening date remains under wraps. But Dragon Ball fans worldwide already eagerly await their chance to experience the ultimate anime adventure. Stay tuned for further updates, and start planning your pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia. It’s time to collect those Dragon Ball memories!

All images credited to Quiddiya Official Website.

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