Dine in Festive Domes at Capitol Singapore This Chinese New Year

Dine in Festive Domes at Capitol Singapore This Chinese New Year

Kick your usual lo hei dinner up a notch in this socially, distant space!

Remember the whimsical domes at Capitol Singapore’s Outdoor Plaza that appeared on your Instagram feed last Christmas? Good news, they are making a comeback this Chinese New Year complete with a festive makeover. If you missed your chance to dine in the domes at Capitol previously, now is the time!

A unique dining experience

This new year, the air-conditioned bubbles are beautifully adorned with auspicious decorations and splashes of symbolic red to give off the festive vibes. Plus, the idyllic setting serves as a magical backdrop for your photos.

Lo hei at the Domes runs from 22 January to 26 January. Each dome seats five people comfortably and is ideal for those looking to enjoy a sumptuous repast away from the bustling crowd. 

What are you waiting for? Gather your loved ones and kick your usual lo hei dinner up a notch in this socially, distant space. All you have to do is to order any yu sheng from participating outlets to avail yourself of two hours in the private domes. Make sure to act fast as there is only a handful of slots available.

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Yu sheng from participating outlets

You can choose from a wide array of yu sheng from The Capitol Kempinski Hotel Singapore, Famous Treasure, or HolyCrab. Think the likes of crab yu sheng, abalone yu sheng and salmon yu sheng. Bear in mind to make your orders three days in advance.

The practice of lo hei is ingrained in its name which translates to ‘tossing up good fortune’. Traditionally, one would utter auspicious Chinese sayings while tossing the colourful centrepiece dish as high as possible. 

However, as Chinese New Year will be a quiet affair this year due to COVID-19, diners at the domes are also not allowed to shout the auspicious phrases during lo hei. This is in line with the measures the government has in place to tackle COVID-19 during the festive period.

Despite all that, if you’re lucky enough to snag a spot, it’ll certainly be a delightful experience. The sensation of dining in the exclusive dome amidst a beautiful scenery with your loved ones by your side is second to none. Come prepared with your camera as you’ll definitely be walking away with beautiful snapshots of your incredible night!

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